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10 Tips for Executives Seeking New Positions from NOW of Delaware

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Every day, more and more executives find themselves downsized or decide to “test the waters” to discover the positions that are available. Many turn to job boards, networking sites, and headhunters and become discouraged that they are not generating any interest. NOW is an exclusive placement firm that works with high level executives to find them great jobs. Here are some great tips:

1. Seek the advice of a proven expert to help you find opportunities that are not available on the Internet.

2. Do not submit resumes that you have written yourself. Your resume should be written by a professional who spends time to interview you and draw out specifics about your career - not someone who charges $200 and produces a resume on a template in two days.

3. Understand that many of the job postings on the various boards are not serious searches for executives. Many companies post positions merely to get a feel for how many people are available and where they are currently employed. This is a means of finding out how many people have left or will be leaving a competitor in their markets.

4. If you are out of work, try to work in your field as a consultant, even if you don’t make a lot of money at it. Having 9 or more months of unemployment on your resume may create red flags to the companies that are hiring. Many companies are using consultants more now than ever to save money. This demonstrates your ingenuity and your desire to be busy and speaks to your work ethic.

5. If there no paying opportunities around, volunteer your services to charitable, community or civic organizations. This will keep you busy, enlarge your network, and show potential employers that you care about hour community.

6. Engage a placement company that specifically targets your level of competence. A company that places people at all levels of employment, from administrative assistants to CEOs, is not specialized and will not have the understanding of executive needs.

7. Practice your interview skills. A placement company should spend hours talking to you about your experience, your personal characteristics, and what you would like to do now and in the future, as well as coaching you on the best way to answer different types of questions that may be asked during an interview.

8. Think about whether you would like to change industry or the type of work you do. This is a good time to explore the changing work environment. Remember that your skills are transferrable to other industries that are growing even during hard economic times.

9. Do not be concerned that you are too old to find a leadership position. Executives like you are not ready to retire just because you reach a certain age. You bring wisdom and a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience that typically cannot be found in younger candidates. What you know can take a company to the next level, so approach all interviews with confidence and pride in your accomplishments.

10. Learn to toot your own horn. Modesty may be charming in a social setting, but it has no place in an interview. Describing your achievements truthfully but also describe your personal contributions to your current or previous employers in depth, emphasizing awards and recognitions you have received.

Remember that there are many placement agencies out there claiming ridiculous statistics, but don’t take their word for it. Demand references and call them.

NOW of Delaware has been helping executives find high level positions for more than 30 years. He is a true expert in the business and has the references to prove it.

For more information:

NOW, 3422 Old Capitol Trail, ste 1591, Wilmington Delaware 19808 or Send Resume to:

NOW is a dba of Jobsearchsite inc.

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