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2 Easy Ways to Sync Outlook with HTC HD7

By snow86 : A how to tutorial about syncing outlook with htc hd7, htc hd7 camera problem, htc hd7 vs thc g2, Product Reviews with step by step guide from snow86.

It seems that you can't use Windows Mobile Device Center to sync from pc to HD7 phone, it has to be done via a hotmail/windows live account. So if you want o sync outlook with HTC HD7, read the following article which can help you sync outlook with HTC HD7 easily.

Ways 1: Sync Outlook with HTC HD7
If you have a pop email account like I do, you can create a hotmail address, and then use the Outlook connector to use the calendar and contacts with the hotmail accounts. You have to delete your old POP account so as not to have multiple calendars and contact folders.

Ways 2: Sync Outlook with HTC HD7

Step 1: After installing the Outlook Connector for Hotmail/Live, you can add an account in Outlook by clicking on the new “Outlook Connector” menu item, and selecting “Add a New Account.”
Step 2: Enter your credentials in the resultant pop-up box and select “OK.” You’ll be informed that the new account will be available after you restart Outlook, so close Outlook and restart.
Step 3: Go into Outlook’s Contacts view, and select Edit > Select All from the Menu to select all of your contacts. Now click Edit > Copy
Step 4: Now select the “Contacts in (your Live/Hotmail account)” folder in the Contacts folder list on the left Outlook pane. Select Edit > Paste to paste the Outlook contacts into the Live Folder.
Step 5: Switch to your Calendar and then select View > Current View > Outlook Data Files to see all of your Calendar items in a single list.
Step 6: Select all of the Calendar items with Edit > Select All. Copy them with Edit > Copy
Step 7: Select the Live folder from the left Outlook pane, and paste the items with Edit > Paste.
Step 8: Select Tools > Account Settings from the menu. Then, in the “Account Settings” pop-up box, select the Data Files tab, your live account, and then “Set as Default”
Step 9: A dialog box wills pop-up warning that you are changing the default folders. Select “OK” and restart Outlook.

Now you have synced outlook with your HTC HD7. Enjoy!!!

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