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6 steps tell you how to upload pictures from an iPhone 4

By Dellan : A how to tutorial about pictures upload on iPhone 4, iPhone 4 pictures uploading, iPhone 4 applications, Product Reviews with step by step guide from Dellan.

iPhones are the ultimate multi-tasking device. Camera, cell phone, email device, web browser, texter, alarm clock, you name it, the iPhone has it as part of the package. Using the iPhone's camera feature is a handy way to take quick pictures on the go. While the iPhone 4 doesn't have a flash, you can take great pictures with the iPhone 4. Transferring the pictures from the iPhone 4 to your computer is reasonably quick and fun..

Step 1
Turn on the iPhone 4 and touch the Camera icon. Take as many pictures as you wish.

Step 2
Take the connector plug, the white cord, and connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 3
Wait for a computer icon to pop up, letting you know the pictures are ready for uploading. The system automatically connects for you. There is no special upload icon to click on. Name your pictures' file, if prompted.

Step 4
Wait while the pictures upload to your computer. Find the pictures on your computer and view them using Microsoft editor or MS Paint.

Step 5
Delete pictures from the iPhone 4. You can set the camera to delete as a default whenever you upload photos.

Step 6
Find the pictures on your computer, view them, and you're done!

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