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8.sınıf ingilizce ders kitabı cevapları

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Over the years, the health hazards caused by smoking became well documented and widely publicised causing cigarette sales to fall. The search for healthier alternatives was needed.For years, “quit or die” government advertising campaigns thought to stop people from smoking were broadcast through a large variety of advertising mediums. These were very effective as they educated consumers about the life threatening health risks, encouraging a large number of consumers to stop smoking. While these advertising campaigns were initially effective, a large number of people continued to smoke knowing the health risks. A smoking ban was introduced in Great Briatin in 2007, making it against the law to smoke in public areas in another attempt to stop people from smoking. This simply made consumers smoke outside instead.It wasn’t until after the millenium that electronic cigarettes really took off. In 2003, e cigarettes were reintroduced by a Chinese pharmacist called Hon Lik. This was the start of the modern e cigarettes that are around today. E cigarettes were introduced to the market in 2004 by Golden Dragon Holdings, the company that Hon Lik worked for.Electronic cigarettes have been around since the middle of the 1900s, with the first patent made in 1963 by Herbert A. Gilbert. The concept was listed as a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette that offers a safe and harmless method of smoking, substituting burning tobacco and paper. The health issues surrounding tobacco cigarettes were unkonwn in the 1960s and therefore the main benefits were not understood and electronic cigarettes were unsuccessful.Realising that the “quit or die” approach is no longer effective, a cabinet office behavioural insight team called the “nudge unit” was set up by the coalition government, encouraging smokers to manage their smoking addiction through smokeless nicotine cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) which is believed to prevent millions of smoking deaths.Now that electronic cigarettes are being backed by the government, electric cigarette sales are rising daily. They satisfy nicotine cravings and are enjoyable to smoke yet they are as harmless to your health as a cup of coffee. You are allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes in public places too because the tobacco ban does not apply. Ironically, even smoking bars are beginning to be reintroduced, where you can smoke electric cigarettes.Traditional cigarette sales are reducing because now there is a healthier, cheaper alternative that is enjoyable to smoke. Try a cheap electric cigarette to understand more. A cheap electric cigarette starter packs can be bought for under 30 pounds from which are amoung the best cheap electric cigarette around.This article was written by Freedom Cigarettes, an e cigarette brand in the UK. Electric cigarettes can be bought from our website for under 25 pounds.

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