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8 Ways to Make Her Ruby Wedding Anniversary Magical-ruby red dress

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ruby red dress
ruby red dress

8 Ways to Make Her Ruby Wedding Anniversary Magical-ruby red dress

The 40th wedding anniversary is the second milestone anniversary that comes a couple's way, a good fifteen years after they have celebrated their silver anniversary (the 25th year). Since it is a very special anniversary, it is no wonder that a very precious gemstone is associated with it - ruby, symbolising passion, love and romance. For this reason, the 40th anniversary is also called the Ruby anniversary.

In a way, the 40th wedding anniversary heralds a new stage in your relationship. With most of the parental duties and family responsibilities behind you now, the two of you can now look forward to a new innings, unencumbered by much else. So, make her Ruby anniversary rock and celebrate forty years of togetherness with her!

1. Forty red roses are a great gift. And if you really want to make a splash, what's stopping you from giving her forty ruby red coloured Swarovski roses in a crystal vase?

2. Since the theme of ruby runs all through the traditional and contemporary gift list as well as the gemstone, let ruby and the ruby colour dominate her gifts. Give her a gorgeous ruby red dress, teamed with ruby and diamond jewellery. Raise a toast to your forty years together with a ruby coloured wine.

3. The traditional flower for the Ruby anniversary is the beautiful nasturtium - a ruby-coloured flower that does full justice to this landmark anniversary. Present her with a lovely bouquet of these flowers, with a stunning ruby and diamond necklace wound around its stems.

4. Recreate the magic of your wedding day by putting together a replica of the wedding cake, a CD playing the songs of that year and a home made movie capturing the magic moments of the forty years gone by.

5. Whisk her off to a romantic and exotic destination such as a place where ruby is mined. Try and get her a beautiful ruby keepsake from the very place of its origin.

6. If you plan to surprise her at home, keep the ruby red theme in mind - red table cloth, red streamers, red coloured wine and so on. To break the monotony of red, have gleaming silver cutlery or sparkling crystal dinnerware on the table.

7. Casually ask her a couple of weeks before the big day, as though you were playing a 'what if' game, what is the one thing she regrets not doing, or alternatively, longs to do. If possible, make it happen.

8. Ruby jewellery. It can be anything from a single stone set in diamonds that sparkles on her finger or a fire of red adorning her neck or even a slim ruby bracelet gracing her wrist.

Woo her all over again with these fabulous ruby gift ideas and put stars in her eyes. Here's wishing you many more happy years together!

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ruby red dress
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