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A Research of Putting Eyes(Sentry/Observer Wards) onto the Map in Dota

By dexterhan : A how to tutorial about Observer/ Sentry Wards Dota, Putting Sentry/Observer Wards Map, Sentry/Observer Wards Dota, Gaming with step by step guide from dexterhan.

This article is all about Sentry Ward, in Chinese we call it “real eye”

Because “eyes” are not always been used when you were playing with strangers, the most possible places you put “eyes” on is the river bend. So the “attack eyes” and “defense eyes” are very rarely used, but every Dota player knows how important the Sentry Wards are! So, I think I should the crap and get straight to the theme.
So here are the Details: (Map version 6.67c)

1. Begining Eyes
Usage: Prevent ganking; Sealing wild creatures; May be to get the First Blood
Opening eyes are always been put in or besides the river bend, let us start form the Sentinel side, and begins from the bottom lane

Unreal Eye Eye 01. This place is nearly perfect, you can see runes and prevent to be surrounded and get killed, and you can it a defense eye.
This place can be used both by the Sentinel and the Scourge, very efficient during the earlier stage.

If you choose 3-1-1 strategy, you can use a real eye to remove the enemy’s fake eye; it will increase the gank efficiency obviously.

Real Eye 01. You can put anywhere you like on this spacious land.

Unreal Eye 02 The “runes eye” for the bottom lane and the defense eye for the middle lane, this is for the Sentinel side.

This place is very appropriate, you can see the runes and also get the sights of spacious land on the left, prevent your enemies walking through the river bend or make a detour from the bottom lane to gank in the middle lane. If the hero on the middle lane is SF, ST or this kind of heroes, don’t forget to put an eye onto that place.

Real Eye 02 The opening eye for the Double-lane Gank Strategy (Top lane and the bottom lane)

If the Scourge decide to adopt the Double-lane Gank Strategy, you can use the real eye to remove that one.

Unreal Eye 03 Sealing two-place wild creatures

The disadvantage is you can’t get the sight between the first Sentinel tower and the wild creatures on the right.

Real Eye 03 Removing the eyes in the river bend

I suggest you to put the real eye on the place near the river bend on the Sentinel side, very easy to explain: If your enemy stands on where your POM at , your eye can be reflected out by other real eyes.

Click here to see the second season on putting eyes onto the map

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