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About Shih Tzu Dog and How to Take Care of Them

By kevinfoley : A how to tutorial about shih tzu for sale, shih tzu puppies, shih tzu puppies for sale, Pets with step by step guide from kevinfoley.

Before looking for Shih Tzu for sale, learn a little bit more about these dogs and find out how to take care of them, their temperament, life expectancy and health issues, exercise habits, grooming, and what kind of home they would be most suitable for. Shih Tzu dogs are beautiful and lively and they need the right family and owners who can give them the best life.

The Shih Tzu originated from China and translated Shih Tzu means "Lion Dog". Weighing between 9 to 17 pounds, these little dogs have silky hair that is often is kept long. Check that any Shih Tzu for sale has a sturdy body, and is alert and lively. These playful dogs live for 15 years or more. Shih Tzu are very friendly and trust everyone, so they do not make good guard dogs. They do not require too much exercise but they do like attention. These dogs make excellent lap dogs, but also need to walk on a daily basis. Along with exercise, make sure to keep a close eye on what the dog eats because they tend to gain weight very easily. Being overweight can make it difficult to breathe and Shih Tzu can suffer from respiratory problems.

Any Shih Tzu for sale needs to be introduced to children and other dogs at a young age. This early socialization allows them to bond with other pets and kids. Also, young Shih Tzu need to be housebroken early or else it will be hard to train them at a later stage. With concern to their health, many Shih Tzu suffer from hyperthyroidism, which causes their eyes to protrude. It is easy for their eyes to get infected and irritated. Hyperthyroidism also can cause their metabolism to malfunction and can account for immune system issues. Symptoms of this problem can be spotted if the dog has lost hair and weight, and does not want to do any normal activities. Another health problem to keep in mind is that this breed suffers from spinal disc disease, which can cause these normally lively dogs loss of movement.

Most Shih Tzu for sale come in a range of colors, from white to gold, brown, silver, blue and black. These affectionate dogs need some grooming though they do not shed a lot. As long as Shih Tzu are brushed daily, they make great pets for people who suffer from allergies. Keep them cleaned frequently, especially their ear and eye areas. Their silky coats can be kept trimmed so that it is easier to take care of. These devoted dogs were once bred to be the pets for Chinese royalty and they deserve to be treated with the same respect and dignity that their ancestors were shown. Shih Tzu are dear little dogs that make a great addition to any home.

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