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Affiliate Marketing and Mobile Affiliate Marketing

By winter0108 : A how to tutorial about Mobile Affiliate Network, Mobile CPA Network, Mobile Advertising, Advertising with step by step guide from winter0108.

As the number of smart phone users increases over the years, the money from mobile affiliate marketing is growing fast. Mobile affiliate programs are being followed by thousands of people around the world. Do you want to make money on your mobile phone? You must to know: what is mobile affiliate marketing?

First of all, what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time, there are reports that affiliate marketing started as early as 1994. Simply put, affiliate marketing is an advertising model that works especially well online, it allows advertisers to sell their products and services through affiliates. Anytime you introduce a new product or service to your readers you have the opportunity to earn a commission. Affiliate marketing gives a business a virtual sales force of online salesman, while giving affiliates a way to make money online without producing their own products or services.

Enter then, mobile affiliate marketing. Mobile affiliate marketing is just like the usual affiliate marketing, but the market of smart phones and mobiles. The mobile internet rapid growth of more powerful devices offers completely new possibilities for communication, advertising and distribution. The mobile phone is the most personal medium, with which you can reach users anytime, anywhere. This feature makes the mobile into an attractive marketing and sales tool. With the number of Android handsets being activated each day, the potential market for mobile affiliates is growing everyday.

Mobile marketing affiliate works like any other program, where you get paid commissions as an affiliate. In mobile affiliate marketing, you typically get 10% to 40% of the revenue obtained by the company for promoting the respective products. Payments are made through PayPal or Cheque once you reach the minimum payout limit.

The concepts of mobile affiliate marketing are not so different from the usual version, but there are two differences factors: the money page and how to drive traffic. The money page in mobile marketing is supposed to be watched in a small screen with little resolution. How to drive traffic in the mobile market is also different, you can rely on SEO techniques, but these alone are not enough.

Mobile affiliate marketing is simple and easy, you don’t need to invest any money or require special skills or knowledge. Mobile affiliate marketing is really a profitable business. If you want to make money through affiliate programs, nothing is better than mobile affiliate program.

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