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Android 3.0 vs. WP7 - New OS Cell Phone Preview

By ruby : A how to tutorial about android 3.0, windows phone 7, operating system, Product Reviews with step by step guide from ruby.

Android 3.0 and WP7 are both new OS of cell phone. Well, which you like more? First half of 2010 for the mobile phone industry is a flourish six months. In the course of rapid development of smart phones, 1GHz processor and WVGA-level resolution of the screen has become standard configurations of current high-end mobile phone. The overall performance is quite strong. In the contrast, in the second half of year, the competition of cell phone unlocked gsm will be more reflected in the system level. All the current mainstream systems will have a new upgraded version, but who will be the winner of the system battle, we will wait and see.

Windows Phone 7 is the smart operating system I most looking forward to. Although Windows Mobile 6.5 still has a very good performance, but it is left behind compared to Android system. And Microsoft pays a lot of attention to this upcoming Windows Phone 7, there would be tremendous changes in either user experience or system interface from the information disclosed before. At present, there is not any windows phone 7 system mobile released. And LG Panther is likely the first unlocked cell phone with windows phone7. We have the reason to believe it has a very outstanding performance as Windows Phone 7 requires a high demand of hardware configuration.

Currently the most eye-catching smartphone system would be the Android operating system. With excellent user experience and a wealth of software, it has a very good market prospect. Although the new Android 2.2 has not officially released, but Android 3.0 which will be released in October this year doesn't continue Android 2.X naming, I believe it will have a considerable improvement.

Different from Windows Phone 7 system, most of the GPhones can be smoothly upgraded to Android 3.0 which will also play a very helpful role in its system promotion. The recent exposure of a model called HTC Ace still attracted the attention of many consumers. It is reported that this machine will be launched in October, and will use the Android 3.0 smart operating system with powerful hardware configuration such as 4.3-inch AMOLED screen, 8 million pixel camera and dual-core Snapdragon processors.

In the MWC conference early this year, Nokia and Intel have launched a MeeGo operating system together, the system will combine Nokia's Maemo platform based on Linux with Linux-based Intel Moblin platform. Allegedly,all high-end models released by Nokia in the future will adopt this system. As the main smart operating system taken by industry leader Nokia, it is naturally to get a lot of attention.

Although Nokia N8 has not yet available for sale, N9 has recently been repeatedly exposed. From the looks of it, it is very like the qwerty keyboard version of N8. We don't know exactly which os it will use,if it supports Meego system as some foreign medias claimed, this Nokia N9 is definitly to be a landmark model.

Hardly can we not to mention BlackBerry OS 6 system with superior operational experience when talking about the new intelligent operating systems. It is speculated that the first model with BlackBerry OS 6 system would be Blackberry 9800 or 9670, and will be launched before the end of August.

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