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Aqua Pets Game Walkthrough

By Jason : A how to tutorial about Aqua Pets Game Walkthrough, Aqua Pets Cheats, Aqua Pets Strategy, Gaming with step by step guide from Jason.

Aqua Pets is the best fishing and aquarium game for Android phone. In Aqua Pets, you can catch fish and stock your fish tank with an exciting array of rare and exotic fish. Do you know how to complete Aqua Pets game? Follow the Aqua Pets cheats you can get the Aqua Pets game walkthrough to complete Aqua Pets.

Tip 1: Aqua Pets Game Walkthrough - Fish
You need to decorate fish tank and stock it with the coolest fish you can catch. Then try to turn your phone into a gigantic fish tank with our live wallpaper feature. You also should discover hidden secrets in the game by fishing with different combinations of rods and bait.

Tip 2: Aqua Pets Game Walkthrough - Level Up
You should catch rarest fish to level up. you can begin purchasing higher-quality bait and higher-quality rods that attract rarer fish. You can also spend real money on premium bait that guarantees rare fish catches.

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