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Astounding Types of Electric Motors The basic, simple industrial motor

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Presently, electric motors are used in most of the modern machines such as industrial fans, home appliances, disk drives, vehicles, automobiles and much more mainly to operate the machines efficiently. For example, electric motor that is present in fan is used to rotate the fan perfectly according to the user’s instructions. Electric motors are mainly used to convert the electric energy into mechanical energy. There are several benefits that are bestowed by the electric motors and they are responsible for the effective performance of a machine. Due to the advanced technologies that are emerging rapidly, we are able to find different types of electric motors that are designed specifically for the machine in which they are used.

Basically, there are two types of electric motors namely AC motors and DC motors. Modern motors are developed based on these two primary motors.

Some important types of electric motors are listed below:

AC motors:

The basic, simple industrial motor is the three phase AC induction motor, which is also known as the squirrel cage motor. The speed of the AC motors depends on fixed number of winding sets, the frequency of AC line voltage and the amount of torque loading on the motors. There are few important benefits offered by this motor such as reliable operation, low cost, simple design and most importantly easily found replacements. Some few disadvantages are found in the AC motors such as inability to operate at low speeds, speed control is expensive and positioning control is not up to the expectations.

DC motors:

It is one of the important motor that is present in most of the machines. It is designed to operate on DC electric power. Some of the advantages of DC motors are easy to control speed, torque and understand design, simple and cheap design. However, there are few disadvantages that are found in this motor such as needs more maintenance, large in size, expensive to produce and unable to control the motor at low speeds.

Brushed DC motors:

It has AC in a wound rotor with a split ring and permanent magnet stator. There are few limitations in this motor such as need for brushes, need more maintenance and many more problems.

Brushless DC motors:

This motor resolves most the limitations that are found in brushed DC motors. They are commonly used where precise speed control is necessary.

Universal motors:

It is designed to operate in both AC and DC power; therefore it is known as universal motors. However, there are few limitations such as maintenance expensive and short life problems.

Induction motors:

It is an asynchronous AC motor. It operations are similar to the transformer in which the power is transferred to the rotor by electromagnetic induction.

These are some of the common types of motors. Besides, there are many more types that vary slightly in their design and functioning. Most importantly, electric motor repair should be done only by professionals because a small fault can completely damage to the motor.

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