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BabyLock Ellisimo Gold Sewing Machine information!

By AmberFreeman : A how to tutorial about sewing machines, sewing, babylock, Hobbies with step by step guide from AmberFreeman.

The BabyLock Ellisimo gold is arguably the highest quality sewing and embroidery machine on the market today. BabyLock has incorporated several brand-new technologies into the Ellisimo Gold, so the project ideas and possibilities are truly endless. With its gold-trimmed exterior and myriad of features, the BabyLock Ellisimo gold is every bit as beautiful as the projects you can create with it.

The BabyLock Ellisimo does much more than lend style and grace to the appearance of your sewing room. It comes equipped with an 8.5” LCD color display that is capable of showing over 16 million colors. The exclusive NeedleCam helps immensely with needle positioning by showing the position within tenths of millimeters. Color visualizers bring your own designs to life and displays an unlimited range of colors and palettes. For the first time in sewing history, BabyLock has integrated the SketchPad Digital tablet into one of their products. OnScreen Designer, exclusive to BabyLock, works with the SketchPad and digitizes hand-drawn designs so they can be used in your project. With this range of features, there are an infinite number of project ideas just waiting to be discovered!

Stadium Lighting, a series of eight LCD lights, provides the best lighting available on any machine to date. The 10-inch work area provides plenty of elbow room and allows for more thorough customization of projects. There are 557 built-in embroidery designs and 682 stitches, but you aren't limited to these! The Ellisimo Gold's software allows you to create your own stitches and designs in brilliant color and save them for later use! This machine is also a great option for bobbin work, and the patented NeverMiss Automatic Needle threader works flawlessly to ensure that your needle is always threaded quickly and correctly the first time!

The BabyLock Ellisimo provides the highest level of embroidery customization available today. By combining and overlapping designs right on the screen, you can ensure that your project will be perfect before the needle ever touches the fabric. Text array functions and customizable character spacing insure that names and monograms are perfect each and every time.

The Ellisimo Gold has language conversion capabilities and therefore can be used by anyone . With a 25 year limited warranty, you can be sure that the Ellisimo Gold will be your go-to machine for all of your sewing and embroidery needs. With unsurpassed levels of incorporated technology, the BabyLock Ellisimo Gold is a wonderful machine for anyone requiring perfection in their projects.

Amber Freeman is a writer who specializes in crafts and hobbies. You can check out our latest website at Baby Lock Sewing Machine, where she provides facts, reviews, and info on several sewing machine models, including the BabyLock Evolution, BabyLock Embellisher, and much more!

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