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Bagoong - Traditional taste Enhancer in Philippines

By nbrockwell : A how to tutorial about bagoong, diningding, shrimp paste, Food & Beverage with step by step guide from nbrockwell.

Bagoong (pronounced as “bah-goh-ong”), is a popular condiments in Philippines, it is usually use as a flavoring for Filipino food or just for appetizer. Bagoong was usually prepared using a very small variety of shrimp or krill, anchovy or other small fishes. Bagoong is not only widely used in Philippines as it also use in Hawaii and other Pacific island as well. The process for making bagoong is by cleaning, curing by salt, and fermenting. The process usually takes from few days or a month. During the process of fermentation, a thin layer of liquid arises to the top and it is locally known as Patis (Fish sauce). Patis and bagoong use in same purposes. There are two popular variety of bagoong, bagoong isda and bagoong alamang. Alamang is usually pink in color while bagoong side is typically dark in color, bagoong isda also has a watery consistency while with alamang is more dense.
Bagoong na alamang is always prepared as a side sauce for kare kare, appetizer when served with fried or grilled fish and just a dipping for raw mango fruit. For some, the smell of fermented fish might be odorous and offensive, comparable with rotten fish but when it is cook for some it taste like heaven. I have here a recipe that uses bagoong as a flavoring, it is known as diningding, a well known recipe in Northern part of the Philippines.

Diningding Ingredient:

¼ cup of Bagoong isda
1 medium size eggplant
1 bundle of ocra
Leftover fried or grill fish
100 gram pork liempo
1 bundle sigarilyas
1 cup of calabasa (squash)
1 cup of saluyot
1 cup of calabasa sprout and flower
1 small bundle of stringbean
2-3 thumb size ginger
1 onion
Salt if needed

Cooking Procedure for Diningding

In a casserole, bring to boil 3-4 cups of water along with onion and ginger, add bagoong isda and use strainer to remove solid particle from bagoong. Bring to boil and simmer, add calabasa and simmer for few minute, then add remaining vegetable excluding saluyot and calabasa flower, let it boil and simmer until vegetable is almost done, then add remaining vegetable and left over fried fish, simmer for another minute, lastly add vetsin and salt if needed. Served diningding while it is hot with newly cook white rice.

Diningding is just one recipe that include bagoong as a flavor enhancer, There is still a lots of Filipino food that uses bagoong as an enhancer especially in nearby provinces. Among other famous Filipino dishes that uses bagoong are, laing, pinakbet, Bicol express, Binagoongang baboy, and a lots more.

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