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Best DC Universe Online Power Sets

By anne : A how to tutorial about DC Universe Online level up, DC Universe Online power sets, DC Universe Online weapons guide, Gaming with step by step guide from anne.

DC Universe Online is a great video game which will be released in 2011 with 6 power sets. There are many kinds DC Universe Online power, but all players are more concerned with power sets, attack forms, and power trees. The two power trees pair with one power set. Here are useful tips to help players get best DCUO power sets .

Best DC Universe Online Power Sets

Best DC Universe Online Power Sets --TIP 1
the effects used for some of the illusion/shape shifting powers are pretty cool. As a mage, one of the powers has a chance to change your opponent into a dog for a short period. The transformation into a big gorilla is pretty cool. Illusion let's you switch to a regular civilian or scientist disguise and opens up a couple mental powers that can ONLY be accessed in those forms.

Best DC Universe Online Power Sets --TIP 2
I took my character that was a shape changer from level 5 to level 10 when I had to quit because the server is going down for daily maintenance. DC Universe Online weapons guide is essential to level up. When I first started I had just leveled up . I had both a power point and a skill point to spend. After I spent them, my human form could no longer use the melee or ranged buttons. A log in and out fixed this problem.

Best DC Universe Online Power Sets --TIP 3
Further down the road I took the power Primal Wolf, which allows me to transform into a wolf man shape. Somewhere shortly after I took the power I again lost melee and ranged in my human form..however unlike before both my gorilla and wolf forms could still use the two attack buttons like normal. So I did NOT log out, I simply stayed in animal form in combat. Mostly wolf, since that forms attacks seemed to be the most powerful.

Best DC Universe Online Power Sets --TIP 4
Cool thing about the shape changing power tree will eventually get all 3 movement types. Gorilla uses acrobatics, and has slow powerful melee attacks and ranged attacks that for some reason shoot vines out of the ground ala the plant powers. Melee attacks were slow but powerful , and the combos seemed to be similar to the normal brawling button combos (A mixture of melee (Or Square button on the controller like I am using...only I have to press the x button since my controller is not a PS3 controller on the PC but a 360 controller) taps and holds. Tap 2x, Hold. etc.

Best DC Universe Online Power Sets --TIP 5
Wolf form gives you super speed running , so I was in that mode the majority of the time I was playing. The next form I can choose will come at level 12 and will be 2 more forms a ptrodactyl which has flight, and a canine which it says increases my run speed.

Best DC Universe Online Power Sets --TIP 6
The character chose Acrobatics as his movement set by default. All in all the shape change power tree is turning out to be a blast to play, but seems to have the most bugs out of any power set I have tried (The only 2 power sets I have not spent much time with is Ice, and gadgets. Neither of those sets have I taken past around level 5 or I have not gotten more than a power or two from them) I also have no real experience using the PLANT powers from the Nature power ser, since I have been only choosing from the shape change tree....maybe when I get higher level I will take a few powers from that tree...or I could always re-spec into them from the watchtower at any time.

Best DC Universe Online Power Sets --TIP 7
The Powers will have nothing to do with Classes. All Powers are available as you create your character. And I believe power sets have Att and Def. Allowing you to switch between defensive powers and attack powers on the fly. Though from the Videos there is a load time for your powers to become usable. maybe a few seconds.

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