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Best Ways to Make A Lot of gold in Fable 3

By Soffia : A how to tutorial about making fable3 gold, making money in fable 3, fable 3 gold, Gaming with step by step guide from Soffia.

How to raise enough money for the defenses against the Darkness in Fable 3? How to make a lot of money and a lot of gold? There are three most useful and best ways to make a great many of gold in Fable 3.

Way1: Make a lot of gold in Fable 3

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Do not get married as a start! if you level up your lute skills thats the best way. I spent 30 min playing the lute and made about 100,000 so if you need money bad enough spend a few hours on the lute and you should be good.
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Way2: Make a lot of gold in Fable 3

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You can start buying properties. you collect rent every 5 mins i believe. once you have enough for the next properties, buy more. once you have enough you can actually turn off your console for about 1-2 hour and come back to make sure you're still raking in the dough. I heard there's a cap on the amount of rent you can collect, i believe 96000? but still that's a lot once you get there

Way3: Make a lot of gold in Fable 3

if you're still in the beginning, according to the collector's guide play the flute. you get 80 for every multiplier x 10. you can unlock higher level of flute playing later on through the road to hero or whatever it's called

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