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Best Zombies in Zombie Cafe Must Know

By snow86 : A how to tutorial about Best Zombies in Zombie Cafe, Zombie Cafe Zombies, Cooking in Zombie Cafe, Gaming with step by step guide from snow86.

Zombie Cafe is a popular iPhone game! Most players like to play this iPhone game! Because that can cook in this game, and they also can use the Toxins to play the game! But now most players want to know that which zombie is the best zombies in Zombie Cafe! Follow the Zombie Cafe Walkthrough which will show you the best zombies!
Best Zombies in Zombie Cafe

Zombie Cafe Best Zombies 1 - Construction Worker: The construction workers are AWESOME for raiding neighboring restaurants, but you only get to do that maybe once a day. As general restaurant help, they aren't so great since they don't get tips from customers and regenerate energy slowly when resting.

Zombie Cafe Best Zombies 2 - Engineer: The engineer in Zombie Cafe seems to work longer than the "free-to-infect" zombies.

Zombie Cafe Best Zombies 3 - Yoga Intructor: The Yoga Intructor rest up real fast and seems to be a pretty good attacker.

Zombie Cafe Best Zombies 4 - Teenagers: They supposedly have more energy.

Here I can only give you these best zombies in Zombie Cafe! If you want to know more, the Zombie Cafe Cheats will help you! Good luck!

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