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Better Customer Service Triage With AVAYA Telephone Systems

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A visit to the hospital is always an exercise in calm and order, unless you have had the misfortune of suffering a major accident. Otherwise, nurses and other attendants are always exceedingly calm and guide you through the process of identifying your exact ailment and determining which doctor you need to see in an orderly and organized fashion. This helps to prevent the fear and anxiety that a patient might feel from developing into panic and causing chaos in the hospital lobby. While it might seem strange to compare customer service operations to the workings of a hospital, the same principles of calm and orderly service are certainly applicable in the context of customer service. With AVAYA IP office and AVAYA telephone systems in particular, you will be able to keep your customer service operations as organized and efficient as a hospital triage desk, saving customers the hassle of being shuffled back and forth between operators and saving your customer service operators the hassle of dealing with customer claims that belong to another department.

The first advantage that comes from making use of AVAYA IP Office is the centralized command system that can be implemented. This allows all customer service operations to be routed through a central command center, allowing a single manager to constantly monitor all the operations of the customer service department in real-time. With AVAYA IP Office, any problem that might arise within the customer service department, such as a section going offline due to hardware or other issues, can be identified early by the manager monitoring the operations and the additional workload distributed to other sections, thus making for more efficient crisis resolution.

Aside from providing a centralized command center, however, the AVAYA IP Office system also offers advantages in the form of helping to sort customers who need the attention of the customer service department. This is usually accomplished by means of an automated response service that allows customers to choose to choose from a pre-set list of possible areas that they might need help with. An automated system might give customers the options of speaking with a customer service operator from the ‘sales’, ‘technical’ or ‘returns’ departments, for example. This allows the customer service department to be divided into specialized divisions, each dealing with a different set of issues and thus making for greater efficiency.

With AVAYA telephone systems, customer service operators will no longer have to be jacks-of-all-trades, dealing with any and all of the possible queries and claims that customers might have. Instead, they can be trained to handle claims of a specific type, and thereby provide better service to customers as well as they have more attention to devote to their particular area of expertise.

With customer service issues sorted through the automated system and directed to the appropriate customer service sections, a business is able to handle a greater volume of customer service queries each day, and this will also ease the bottlenecks that inevitably form at certain hours of the day when most people are free and choose to make their calls to customer service, such as during lunch hour or in the evening.

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The AVAYA IP Office system and AVAYA Telephone Systems offered by Staveley Communications work in concert to provide for improved customer service triage systems for businesses that require ever-growing customer service support divisions even as the main business expands. With better triage comes better customer service and also a more efficient and cost-effective operation overall!

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