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Cash Gifting. A Legal and Ethical Way to Make Money Online and Offline

By Zelda Conradie : A how to tutorial about cash gifting program, is cash gifting legal, how to make money online fast, Business with step by step guide from Zelda Conradie.

Here’s what I will discuss in this article on cash gifting:

What is cash gifting?
Is it legal?
Does it work?
Who can get involved?
What to look out for if you are looking for a cash gifting program.

1. What is Cash Gifting?
The name actually explains a lot. Cash gifting is basically an activity where you give someone a gift, but it is not done in the traditional way that we all understand gifting to be done in. The gift is given in cash.

In so doing you join a program or private club that enables you to also receive cash gifts from others. It is an activity for honest individuals with a high level of integrity who understands that cash gifting cannot be done in a dishonest way.

2. What is cash gifting not?
Cash Gifting is not multi-level marketing (MLM), network marketing, a pyramid scheme or a business. It does not involve sales in any way.
So if you come across a program that offers products or incentives together with the gifting opportunity you should leave the website immediately, because it is not a legal gifting practice.

3. Is cash gifting legal?
Yes, cash gifting is legal although some uninformed individuals who haven’t done their research well, will tell you that it isn’t. People who normally join a cash gifting program without doing their homework first, tend to join the wrong ones and usually get burned pretty bad.

So in their ignorance they try to badmouth all programs and label the concept in a whole as illegal and a scam. It is legal for people in the US and many other countries to receive gifts of up to $12 000,00 per year from one individual which is not tax deductable, because the tax on the gift has already been paid.
If you search online you will mostly find people’s opinions on cash gifting rather that set laws.

4. Does it work?
Cash gifting does work, but only if you join the right program. I cannot stress enough how essential this is to your success in this gifting activity.

There are so many programs popping up all around the place. It is very difficult to find the right one. So I’m glad you found this article. You will understand why later on, but please read this whole article first before you visit my website. Believe me, there are lots of people who receive thousands of dollars in gifts every month. This does work!

5. Who can get involved?
Anyone over the age of 18 can participate in cash gifting. This activity is really suited for those individuals who are not lazy and do not expect to receive lots of money without doing anything. Life just doesn’t work that way and cash gifting neither. There’s work involved, but it’s fun and exciting, not hard and you can see money coming in in a very short amount of time.

The good thing about cash gifting is that it does not involve any selling in any way (or it should not). That will make the activity illegal and most people hate selling. I can vouch for that. I hate selling in all forms, was never good at it.

6. What to look out for if you are looking for a cash gifting program.
This last paragraph is probably one of the most important ones. If you took the time to read through this article and came this far, then you have just saved yourself a lot of frustration and money.

I can tell you right now, 95% of the cash gifting programs out there are a bunch of crap, illegal and useless.

Ask yourself these questions;
Is the website organized, clean, easy to read through and easy to understand? Cash gifting is a very simple concept. It is not complicated. If you have to go through the information many times to just understand how it works, your best bet is to leave the website and go elsewhere.

DO NOT join a 1 up cash gifting program. If you do, you will have to give away a portion of your gift to someone else all the time. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DO THAT.

A real no 1 up cash gifting activity allows you to receive your whole gift without giving away a certain percentage.

A very good third party tracking system is probably the most essential and key element to your success. It will track your members and will ensure you receive your gifts. If a program does not have a third party tracking system and you still join, it’ll be your loss, because you were warned.

Was this article helpful? I hope so.

For more tips, check out my other articles on online money making and cash gifting.

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