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Certified Nursing Assistant Certification: Pre-Entry Courses

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Brief description: We know you are a qualified and experienced nurse in your country. Under this program, you will:

1. Learn all requirements of the CGFNS Exam
2. Improve English language skills to successfully pass the exam
3. Develop specific skills that meet requirements of the American system.
4. Explore culture of USA hospital life

The course is taught in English, both by native and foreign teachers, and is a combination of part-time employment with intensive "full immersion".

Course Structure

1. Based on TOEFL result, an intensive English language course is assigned for a corresponding period.

2. Main program contains eleven stages of training:
Step 1: Analysis of basic requirements and language test. Here they estimated your level of professional knowledge in CGFNS test context, as well as the level of proficiency in English.
Step 2: Description of CGFNS test. It gives a clear idea about test and requirements for candidates.
Step 3: U.S. health care system. Overview of American system in comparison with the one of your native country.
Step 4: Multiple-choice questions. They study your technique of successful performance of tasks that contain questions with multiple choice answers.
Step 5: Study Skills. How to develop an ability to learn English and U.S. culture?
Step 6: Ability to manage time and organizational chart. How to manage your time to derive maximum benefit from training?
Step 7: Interrogative constructions in English. Much attention is paid to the way questions and answers are formed in English.
Step 8: At this stage, you learn American versions of following disciplines:
• Caring for older patients
• Child Care
• Caring for pregnant and nursing women / newborn children
• Care for mentally ill people
Step 9: Self-preparation for the exam. How to psychologically prepare yourself for CGFNS?
Step 10: Preparing for the exam. They explain requirements for candidates, as well as rules for filling examination sheets.
Race 11 Cross-cultural aspects. You discuss cultural barriers one may encounter working as a nurse in the U.S. and understand examination tasks on this topic.

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