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Check The Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer & Be Aware

By SteviHill : A how to tutorial about stomach cancer, stomach cancer symptoms, stomach ulcer, Health and Fitness with step by step guide from SteviHill.

At the very begging stomach cancer does not show any symptoms. Just a weight loss can occur. But this single symptom is not at all of the stomach cancer symptoms. More & more testing & evaluation is needed to check it. Symptoms vary & depend on the advancement of the disease. If you feel the stomach cancer symptoms you should call your doctor. If you are treated timely you will get a good result of the treatment. Stool blood is another
stomach cancer symptom. If you see blood in your toilet tissue while wiping, you must go to a doctor. This is an alarm for you. Do not be afraid. It can cause in the 1st stage also.

Your doctor will tell you everything about your condition. Symptoms of stomach cancer can be so same with the symptoms of other cancers like colon cancer. Another symptom for the cancer of stomach is abdominal pain. In this case it is essential to seek the attention of a doctor. This pain can be both severe & mild depending on the nature & stage of the cancer of stomach. Discomfort & pain occur in the upper side of abdominal area. This is needed to evaluate by a doctor. 2 non-specifics symptoms of the cancer of stomach are Vomiting & Nausea.

These symptoms are common to the people having cancer of stomach. It indicates a health problem which is so serious. It causes lining of esophagus. The worst case in this category is to have vomiting blood. Stomach cancer is also called gastric cancer. Most of the affected peoples are of over 55 years. It is more common in men than women. It is treated by chemotherapy & surgery in common & less often by the radiotherapy.

Stomach is a bag of muscular in the abdomen. It digests eaten food. Lining of stomach produces an acid which is so strong. This acid breaks down the food. It protects the body from harmful bacteria. Eaten food is broke down in the stomach by a churning of stomach. Cancer of stomach spreads through the wall of the stomach. At the early stage the cancer of stomach remains in the lining of the stomach. As time goes on the cancer spreads in another parts of the stomach. This type of spread is called localized spread of cancer of stomach. Most of the stomach cancers are called adennocarcinomas. Cancer of stomach starts in the cells of glandular tissues. This glands produce stomach juice & mucus.

At the early stage of cancer one will feel burping & heartburn, bloated after eating a small amount of food, appetite losing, stomach pain, difficulty swallowing, feeling sick, being sick & so on. With the passing of time one may feel weight loss, tiredness, anaemia, lump in the stomach area & so on. Doctors do not know why stomach cancer grows. But it is most common to the people around of the age of 55-60 years.

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