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Chiro8000 Complaints and others Linked to a Failure to Do the Homework

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It’s interesting to consider why some medical practices out there are having a great deal of success in selecting and implementing EMR and EHR medical practice software, while others are complaining about their systems’ inability to function properly and or help them in any way in the management of their patient records, billing and provider history.

What experts in the industry are suggesting is that medical care providers do less complaining about the software and the mandates for implanting a fully integrated Practice Management and /billing software model, that they do their homework and ask the tough questions before selecting an EMR provider.

One of the first and most critical issues when choosing an EHR/EMR provider is to understand its overall design and ensure that it can handle multiple providers, offices, and business entities with ease and efficiency. What this means is, making sure the system is equipped to share common files such as patient information and master files and that the version of software you are using is current, not a patchwork of older versions put together to create a “new” product.

Security and confidentiality are the code words behind this push for electronic data storage. You’ll need to understand what level of security your practice requires and make sure your system provides the necessary layers to achieve your goals. This includes, at minimum, all HIPPA requirements, such as a secure way to verify the users, authorization and other issues.
For those medical care providers who already have an EHR system in place but now must upgrade in order to comply with new federal guidelines and qualify for financial incentives, you need to make sure your system can be upgraded. If your EHR/EMR vendor is up to snuff, they will be able to help you make the upgrades and ensure that the transition can be done without compromising staff, costing you a fortune and, most critically, putting existing data and information at risk.

Today, management of medical records is about convenience and efficiency, so it is also crucial that new or upgraded versions of EHR systems integrate with portable devices, such as laptops, tablets, PDAs and other portable devices. If managed with care, a solid EHR system should allow any medical care provider to work from their car, their home and or out of the country.
Ease of use, records translation capability, and of course whether or not to install a Web-based or software as service (SAS) model for your practice are among the other critical issues you would want to resolve prior to purchasing an EMR software package.

Finally, training and support from your EMR vendor should be both available to you and affordable. Establish how you will pay for this training, either by a flat fee or an hourly fee. What will tech support cost you in the future? You don’t want to see the costs for maintaining your EHR/EMR systems continually take a bite out of your bottom line. After all, one of the purposes of going from the paper to online is to streamline your practice, which includes cutting down on time spent doing tasks and managing the various aspects of your practice. And saving time means saving money.

Training should be considered as crucial a component of your EHR purchase or lease agreement as is the software itself. And, make sure you obtain references from your colleagues who have recently installed the EMR you are considering, and be sure to ask them about the training provided and whether they are satisfied with it.
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