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ClamAV Uninstall Help - How to Completely Remove ClamAV From Windows

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ClamAV software can keep your PC safe from harmful viruses and spyware, nevertheless, as there are always new viruses been created, the ClamAV may need to be up-to-date all the time. As a result, the small application became to a “giant” with a large database full of viruses and spyware feature codes, which makes it very hard for the computer to operate it and certainly can slow down the performance of your computer. You need to uninstall the ClamAV program and try another one in this case. I will show you how to force uninstall ClamAV in this article, and at the bottom I will introduce an uninstaller that can be used to force remove any unwanted program including ClamAV on your PC.

How to Uninstall ClamAV
1 - Go to the "Start Menu" on the bottom left of your computer's screen.
2 - Locate and click on "Control Panel".
3 - Find the "Add or Remove Programs" icon and double-click it.
4 - Here you'll see a whole list of programs & applications that are installed on your computer. Find and select ClamAV and click "Uninstall".
5 - Confirm that you want to uninstall ClamAV by clicking on "Remove".

However, this removal is not great enough to thoroughly delete the ClamAV. This removal has only uninstalled the main components of the ClamAV without removing all the additional pieces when it’s updated.

It is recommended to use professional uninstall program like Perfect Uninstaller to uninstall ClamAV or other unwanted program, as an uninstall program can guarantee a complete removal while windows add/remove program will leave corrupted registry entries on your computer.

Automatically uninstall ClamAV with Perfect Uninstaller
1. Free download the Perfect Uninstaller.
2. Double-click the icon to install the Perfect Uninstaller tool.
3. Choose ClamAV from the program list and click "Uninstall".

Are you eager to uninstall ClamAV? Try Perfect Uninstaller for free now.

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