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Combination Sewing Machines: Brother PC-420 in Review

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The features of the Brother PC-420 are user friendly and make sewing an easy exercise. Along with the Brother PC-420 sewing machine included in the packaging are a hard case cover, right through to a darning foot for quilting and everything in between. It is a fully equipped machine.

The weight of the machine suggests it is made from good quality materials. A flip open dust cover gives the Brother PC-420 a sleek look. It also has an accessory drawer within the free arm. This holds all your machine accessories in handy labeled storage compartments. With the free arm detached, the machine accommodates sleeves, pant legs, cuffs and children’s clothing.

As far as manuals are concerned, the manual for Brother PC-420 is fantastic. It is written specifically for this model of machine only, which makes it straight forward to read. It has the full instruction manual written in English before the other used languages. It describes how to set up and operate the Brother PC-420 along with all of its functions. Automatic reinforce, auto thread cutter, knee operated presser foot lifter, start stop button with throttle, are among some extra features that have full instruction provided.

Two features that are particularly impressive about the Brother PC-420 are the speed control and the knee operated foot lifter. The speed control allows the user to operate the machine without a foot pedal. A stop/ start button gives you control and a slide switch manipulates the speed. The stitch can also be widened using the slide switch. The knee operated foot lifter frees up your hands for other things such as holding the fabric taut. A bar snaps into place and sits just below the machine. Pressure to the right will lift the foot, while lack of pressure will lower it. This model also has a dial so the pressure of the foot can be adjusted.

The threading mechanism makes threading the Brother PC-420 simple, even for beginners. At the final step of threading the machine, one pull of a lever will have the needle threaded at the sound of a click. It has an automatic thread slicer, which is done at the push of the scissors button. You can also set the machine to automatically cut the thread at the end of each reinforced seam.

The needle can be programmed to stop its run in the position you prefer, saving you from having to play with the hand wheel. At the push of a button, the needle will position itself at its highest point or at its lowest, inserted into the fabric.
The 12 button panel on the front of the machine is dedicated to the most commonly used sewing stitches. Through the computerized software, over 250 stitches can be accessed and made readily available{on hand} using the LCD panel and guide buttons. There are 3 styles of lettering, fancy ornate stitches, animals, just to name a few.

The Brother PC-420 is a complete machine. There are so many different styles made capable with this model, that it will be enjoyed for a long time, leaving you want nothing but to plug it in and get sewing.

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