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Complete Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Keys of Romulus Guide

By ruby : A how to tutorial about ac brotherhood keys of romulus guide, assassins creed brotherhood keys of romulus, assassins creed brotherhood romulus guide, Gaming with step by step guide from ruby.

Keys of romulus are important in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Many gamers want to know the detail about keys of romulus such as how many keys of romulus in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. The guide will give you answer.

●How Many Keys of Romulus in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

So on the map i see 4 locations for the wolf dens but one is the door that the keys are for so i went to the other 3 spots on the map but they didn't disclose the fourth location does anyone know where it is?

You unlock them throughout the story line, i think im on chapter 7 or so and i have 5/6 right now.

The following are some useful tips can help you to know more about Assassin's Creed Brotherhood keys of romulus.

●Tips 1 - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Keys of Romulus Guide

Yellow Romulus icon on map?

Answer 1: Romulus treasure is where the armor is kept. Once you do all the lairs and get all the keys, thats where you go to unlock the cage to get the armor.

Answer 2: How do you get to it ? I cant even find the place to use the keys . Tho I dont know them all . Just want to see the door . I been looking through the tunnels near that doctor . Nothing.

Answer 3: It's inside the ruins where you had to take down the tower captain in that area. You can see into the cage the armor is held in even if you don't have the keys.

●Tips 2 - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Keys of Romulus Guide

Where is the yellow Romulus Treasue at in Rome?

Answer: The treasure is down the stairs, and into the underground lair, keep going down and down as far as you can, till you come to a wide open room that is no longer a hallway. Crawl up the walls of some of the stuff till you see the doorway set at a higher level in the wall than the floor, go in the doorway and there is a big treasure room. First you must go to all the lairs of Romulus and get the keys though.

●Tips 3 - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Keys of Romulus Guide

Is it really worth getting all of these keys 100% synched and would there be some special reward or extra memories in doing so?

There is a gold icon on your map, that is a treaasure chamber that can only be opened with all keys ... since u asked for no spoilers i wont tell you, but anyone who finds it, with or without all the keys, can basically see the prize through the iron doors

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