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Complete Explaination for Infinity Blade Symbols

By anne : A how to tutorial about explain Infinity Blade symbols, Infinity Blade symbols, Infinity Blade combos, Gaming with step by step guide from anne.

A lot of the swords have decreased attack ratings due to the fact that they have these other symbols like lighting, blood or poison in Infinity Blade. Beside those , there are many different symbols with different meanings which made players confused and upset. Most players can't explain all the symbols. Here is a complete explaination for Infinity Blade symbols to help players explain symbols.

Complete Explaination for Infinity Blade Symbols

tip 1--Complete Explaination for Infinity Blade

Mastered means Weapons (and other Items the same) are not giving you any EXP for killing bad guys so the Part of earned EXP for this Item is lost, try switching the item as fast as you can for faster lvl ups.But every mastered item give you one extrapoint for your stats.

tip 2--Complete Explaination for Infinity Blade
XPGain+ means more EXP for killing bad guys.
LifeFound+ means more Potions in several places and chests.
LootFound+ higher chance for finding new weapons in Chests or after fights.
More + (from + to +++) is better chance for trigger the effects.

tip 3--Complete Explaination for Infinity Blade
I only have GoldDrop+ in my Version (no Gold+?!)
Heal, Shield, Ice, Flash, Poison and Fire 1,2 or 3 means stronger Spells only can use with the right ring.
lvl 1 doubles the magic stat like 30 stat do 60 damage.
lvl 3 rises the damage to 12x30 so you do 360 damage!

tip 4--Complete Explaination for Infinity Blade
If your enemy has a Element in his Infoscreen (tap down right before you tap the enemy [not every fight]) he does damage with this kind of magic what the icon says on the right to the Swordicon. If he has a Element Icon on the right side of his Shieldicon he is immun against the Element.

tip 5--Complete Explaination for Infinity Blade Symbols
lighting damage
ice damage
fire damage
poison damage
bleeding damage
all the same..but they are usufull for the equipment strategy ( with an enemy with poison attack u should prefer an item with poison defend)
german translation is ok but there is only.

tip 6--Complete Explaination for Infinity Blade Symbols
If a shield has an element icon then it is immune to that element of additional damage.
If a weapon has an element icon, then it gives additional damage of that element.
GegenstandsFund = items
GesundheitsFund = life
GoldFund = Money
XPGewinn = Exp

tip 7--Complete Explaination for Infinity Blade
Gold+ means more money in bags or "Goldchest".
GoldDrop+ means higher chance to find Gold in a chest.

tip 8--Complete Explaination for Infinity Blade
Swordicon is Attackpower of course.
Basic is 4 Attackpoints (without sword) + attackpower from the weapon + invested points from lvl up = standart hit after breaking the enemys guard. Great hits by combos double the damage.

tip 9--Complete Explaination for Infinity Blade
Blooddrop is regaining health from hitting the enemy. If there is Blooddrop +20 you gain 20 health after breaking guard and 40 by great hits.

tip 10--Complete Explaination for Infinity Blade
Fire and Ice of Course add damage to the standart damage. So if you do 90 dmg and your weapon had +2 Fire or Ice you do 92 dmg. Or 184 if you hit with a combo.

tip 11--Complete Explaination for Infinity Blade
Poison and Shock add dmg over time ("dot" in Roleplayinggames). If your weapon has +3 Poisondrop or Flashicon every hit add a 3 dmg seperated over 1 Second. You hit 3 Times so you damage 9 points in 3 seconds.

tip 12--Complete Explaination for Infinity Blade
Shieldicon adds more block in combat.
Hearticon adds more life for your Bloody.
Magicicon adds faster reloadtime and stronger spells.

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