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Complete Fallout: New Vegas Snow Globe Locations Guide

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Snow globes are the hidden objects in "Fallout: New Vegas," akin to the bobble heads of "Fallout 3." The difference, though, is that they no longer boost your stats when you find them. So what's the point?

here are a lot of collectibles that can be found in Fallout: New Vegas but the one that will let players unlock a Trophy or an Achievement will involve in collecting Snow Globes.

There are seven snow globes throughout New Vegas that can be found. Collecting all of them will reward player a Silver Trophy for PS3 owners and 25 Achievements for the ones that own a Xbox 360.

Below are the list of Snow Globes that can be found throughout New Vegas.

1. “Mormon Fort”
- Inside the Old Mormom Fort, the snow globe can be found inside the tower where Julie Farkas has her office.

2. “Test Site”
- Found in the Lucky 38 cocktail lounge, sitting on the counter of the bar.

3. “Vault 21″
- Can be found in the New Vegas Strip “Vault 21″ Hotel and Casino. Get inside Sarah’s locked bedroom and it can be found in between the two beds.

4. “Good Springs”
- There's a snow globe sitting on one of the graves in the cemetery which overlooks your starting town. You can find this in the first 5 minutes of playing.

5. “Mt. Charleston”
- Inside Jacobstown, find the Snow Globe on the large desk near the terminal in the reception lobby of the lodge.

6. "Nellis Air Force Base"

-Located in the Nellis museum, sitting on one of the shelves. Getting to Nellis, however, will require some fast footwork.

7. “Hoover Dam”
- Check the terminal in the Hoover Dam. It is located in one of the two large curved desk inside the visitor center.

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