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Complete list of iPad advantages and disadvantages

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The New York Times, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal get iPad at first time. Integrate their reviews about iPad, they are advantages and disadvantages. Here is the complete list of iPad reviews about its advantages and disadvantages.


1. Smooth, thin, nice black and silver design.
2. Excellent e-book and journal reading device.
3. Be able to run all the programs of iPhone.
4. With a large and bright 9.7-inch display screen, it takes up most of the face.
5. If you just wanna surf the Intenet, take notes, SNS, send and receive E-Mail, visit the journal books, watching videos, iPad is fit for you.
6. With super fast speed, sensitive response and the application is easy to handle.
7. iPad is lighter and thinner than any other notebooks.
8. Battery life and strong. In the uninterrupted video playback tests, iPad last 11 hours 28 minutes, and during this period still open Wi-Fi and back-office e-mail downloads.
9. With fast and prospective entering.
10. The Safari is very good.
11. It is your best choice to watch video, view photos, listen to music, play games, with satisfying and fun.
12. In general, the same process iPad version is better than the iPhone version, but the price is also more expensive. However, there is a free program.
13. The photo program is much more attractive, like a Mac-class software. It can serve as a digital photo frame.

14. iPad is the best newspaper reader.
15. iBook is better than Kindle and it will not hurt eyes.
16. iBook with a text search function.
17. The expansion of the screen make the map function is much more real.
18. No binding contracts, there is a data service entrance for setting a subscription.


1. Essentially, iPad is an enlarged version of iPod touch.
2. No camera, No USB port, No multi-task, No Flash.
3. Without headphones.
4. It is inconvenient to edit long documents.
5. The Battery can not be replaced.
6. The memory capacity can not be upgraded.
7. Untenable.
8. iWork has something wrong with exporting office documents.
9. iPad is heavy than kindle。
10. Most people need use both hands to grasp the iPad.
11. iBook can not take notes. 6 million books in the store is less than the Amazon.
12. E-mail program can not create a local folder, you can not rearrange the email with certain rules.
13. The mail does not support the Group feature.
14. Safari without any label.
15. Wi-Fi version is containing GPS.
16. It is not suitable for playing widescreen video.
17. With the iPad on hand, you will fell it is heavy soon.
18. You can not read the books bought from iBook in other equipment, even the Mac and iPhone.
19. It is difficult to read under the sunlight.
20. It is inconvenient to type under normal typing position.
21. Many iPhone programs will appear blind spots on the screen.
22. You can not watch the video with Skype.
23. iPad is not a laptop, it is not fit for content creation.
24. iPad is suitable for consumption content - reading, listening to songs, watch video, Internet, email and so on.
25. You have to put into the embrace of iTunes.

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