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Complete Mortal Kombat Character List

By shazhaoyang : A how to tutorial about Mortal Kombat Character List, Best Mortal Kombat Characters, Mortal Kombat walkthrough, Gaming with step by step guide from shazhaoyang.

Complete Mortal Kombat character list here shows you all of the MK characters. Since you may have seen the achievement list and the MK walkthrough, I put the MK character list here now which will help you choose characters before level up. Here is the complete Mortal Kombat character list:

Complete Mortal Kombat Character List: Officially Confirmed

1. Baraka
2. Cyrax
3. Ermac
4. Goro
5. Jade
6. Jax
7. Johnny Cage
8. Kano
9. Kitana
10. Kratos (Playstation 3 exclusive)
11. Kung Lao
12. Liu Kang
13. Mileena
14. Nightwolf
15. Noob Saibot
16. Reptile
17. Scorpion
18. Sektor
19. Shang Tsung
20. Shao Kahn
21. Sindel
22. Sonya Blade
23. Stryker [12]
24. Sub-Zero

Complete Mortal Kombat Character List: Confirmed but not been seen

1. Kabal
2. Quan Chi
3. Raiden

Complete Mortal Kombat Character List: Unconfirmed

Stunt Man

These totally 28 characters so far are the main characters in Mortal Combat, when you begin the game, you need choose them wisely so that you can beat your enemies, will will also show you the Mortal Combat characters choosing guide will will help you futher in playing Mortal Combat!

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