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Complete Patapon 3 Set Skill List(2)

By bou555 : A how to tutorial about Patapon 3 Set Skill List, Patapon 3 Set Skill Guide, Best Patapon 3 Uberhero Class, Gaming with step by step guide from bou555.

In Patapon 3 you can unlock all classes and unlock all achievements after you unlock all weapons and choose new character. But if you own complete Patapon 3 set skill list, you can play better. Here is Patapon 3 cheat which shows the complete Patapon 3 online mode list.

Complete Patapon 3 Set Skill List: Tatepon Set Skills
Poison Package
Shield Breaker
Fearless Cat
Arm Attack 1
Arm Attack 2
Arm Attack 3
Fearless Robo
Stamina Boost 1
Stamina Boost 2
Fearless Trent
Greatsword Attack 1
Greatblade Attack
Slash Master
Fearless Bovine

Complete Patapon 3 Set Skill List: Yumipon Set Skills
Bow Attack 1
Bow Attack 2
Bow Attack 3
Bow Attack 4
Horn Attack 1
Horn Attack 2
Antifreeze 1
Antifreeze 2
Tropical Tailwind
Big Bonfire
Icky Poison.

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