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DC Universe Online Best Class for PVP

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There are many PVP Weapon classes in DC Universe Online, and each class has differnet useful abilities for DPS. Many players want to know the best best class for PVP. Here are top tips to show players which is the DC Universe Online best class for PVP.

DC Universe Online Best Class for PVP

Fire--DC Universe Online Best Class for PVP
now everyone thinks fire is so great! and it is actually fairly good set, does good damage and has high hp and self healing! what most don't realize is that healing doesn't scale at all, meaning at level 10-20 its amazing by level 30 its barely touching your massive hp pool. So come end game, reignition is less useful, and consume objects is so situational at best... people used fire because it was noob friendly but i have STOMPED fire users left and right on my rifle/gadgets character a toon which is disadvantaged by fact they are a tank.

staff stuns--DC Universe Online Best Class for PVP
blockable, since chain is so long winded staff is fairly easy to block, it is also second slowest weapon in the game, only weapon is slower is the two handed. Most think that stun makes it worth it but once you realize a blocked staff combo knocks them down and stops the stun it becomes much less of an issue.

Flight--DC Universe Online Best Class for PVP
some think its bees knees of travels...once you realize that moves like tornado pull and acro line grab grab, pull them close and supress the movement and cost almost no power, flight becomes by far the worst travel in game for has NOTHING to offer save downdraft as an aoe ground move but cast time makes it less useful.

tip1--DC Universe Online Best Class for PVP
I found that Fire/Staff/Flight was the easiest setup to dominated in the beta and i always felt powerful. The staff has great stun combos that make tanking a breeze too (and fire has great aoe damage as well).

tip2----DC Universe Online Best Class for PVP
Fire|Hand Blast|Flight
I can only assume these to be the easiest since everyone and their mom rolls these specs apparently.

Key warning --DC Universe Online Best Class for PVP
pvp is more about your skill level and ability and alot less about your
weapon. Case in point... i can crush people using hand blasts probably most punishable weapon set in pvp. PvP is alot more about understanding the pvp system then it is what weapon and power your using. My guildie uses fire/MA/acro and is amazingly potent with it, yet he can pick up his nature user and do just as well with it. The point is if you DON'T understand how to pvp(the mechanics of it) you will get destroyed no matter what weapon and set up your using. I've killed level 20's at level 7 because they didn't understand how to block and when to block.

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