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DCUO DPS Guide: Each Class Best DPS Ability

By anne : A how to tutorial about DC Universe Online Best Weapon DPS, DC Universe Online Best Mental DPS, DC Universe Online DPS Roles Ability, Gaming with step by step guide from anne.

There are 6 classes in DC Universe Online, and each class has useful DPS ability. To help fans choose best DCUO DPS, this article offers the each class best DPS ability in DC Universe Online.

DCUO DPS Guide: Each Class Best DPS Ability

Fire --DCUO DPS Guide: Each Class Best DPS Ability
Fire has ridiculously powerful damage abilities, as well as a great healing supercharge move.

Gadget --DCUO DPS Guide: Each Class Best DPS Ability
Gadget is a lot more control-centric than Mental imo. The bread and butter of Gadget pvp is, well, rendering the opponent immobile while piling on the damage. They also have access to Stealth movement, which can be very effective... but only if you invest heavily in the Stealth stat. The difference between turning completely invisible (very high stealth) as opposed to only semi-transparent (low stealth) is pretty obvious.

Ice --DCUO DPS Guide: Each Class Best DPS Ability
Ice... well, Ice has the Ice-Giant-Armor transformation thing, which makes you a nightmare to face in 1v1.

Sorc --DCUO DPS Guide: Each Class Best DPS Ability
Sorc has access to many healing spells, can summon creatures on the spot to aid in battle, and can even cast their own control spells. Yeah. Sorc is basically a crazy toolbox.

Nature --DCUO DPS Guide: Each Class Best DPS Ability
Nature is probably the most common class to be used competitively, at least in my experience. Nature players have access to many transformations, and each offer very significant advantages in battle. In addition, they have access to healing spells, as well as the infamous Thorn attack, quick takes out a chunk of opposing HP quickly.

Mental --DCUO DPS Guide: Each Class Best DPS Ability
And last but not least Mental! Throughout Beta, this has been the quirky class that has seen many powerful abilities come and go (due to people complaining they are too overpowered). For a while, Mental has a hp regen ability that made them a nightmare to face. After too many complaints about this, it was removed... and replaced with a new Reflect move, which can be turned on for about 3 seconds and bounces all the damage you take back to the opponent. Reflect is great for mind games (when the opponent sees your HP bar is low, they naturally become more carelessly aggressive in hopes of taking you out ASAP. If you flash Reflect at this point, most people will not react to it at all and will literally hit themselves to death). Many have complained that Reflect is too overpowered as well, which I disagree with because you just need to go on the defensive for 3 seconds and it won't hurt you at all.

Mental --DCUO DPS Guide: Each Class Best DPS Ability
Mental is amazing against... well, newbies, who refuse to learn from experience and only complains that they are cheated. But against smart players, Mental has an alternative strategy - barriers. Currently, Mental has access to 4 barriers (1 is an Iconic, and the other is a supercharge). If you conserve your mana, and is good at fighting physically, the 3~4 barriers is really all you need to ensure victory every time.

DCUO DPS Guide: Each Class Best DPS Ability
Every class in this game has 2 roles and 1 of them is always dps.
fire - tank and dps role
ice- tank and dps role
mental - controller and dps role
gadgets- controller and dps role
nature- healing and dps role
sorcery- healing and dps role
at level 10 you can switch your role by hitting T on the keyboard.

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