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Different Travel Classes in Indian Trains

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Trains offer a comfortable mode of travel and luxury for people belonging to different economic strata. Indian railway seat availability can be checked and tickets can be booked well in advance according to an individual’s requirement. Seats in IRCTC trains are divided into the following classes, based on the descending order of hospitality, price and comfort offered:

AC Class – This is the executive class in trains. All the coaches are completely air conditioned. Passengers are provided with necessary bedding, towels, attendant services and washroom facility. They are further divided into:

* First Class (1A): They are carpeted, lockable compartments with two and four berth arrangements for long overnight journeys.
* Two Tier (2A): There are four berth compartments with two other berths along the aisle. Each compartment is provided with a curtain for privacy.
* Three Tier (3A): Each compartment comprises of six berths (upper, middle and lower) and two berth along the aisle. It is not provided with curtains or doors for privacy.
* AC Chair Car: These have AC seating. Short distance journey trains like the Shatabdi Express which have short train schedules are one such example.

Sleeper Class – It is crowded and it is the most commonly used class of travel. The seating arrangement is the same as in 3A. During day travel, the middle berth can be folded to make space for sitting. This class has an open plan nature and lacks privacy. Bedding material or any facilities such attendant services are not provided. Fans are installed for cooling. Windows are unsealed, open and guarded with bars. Bathrooms and carriages are relatively less clean when compared to AC coaches.

Unreserved Second Class – People on lower end of economical spectrum or those who could not get a reservation travel by unreserved class. There is no sleeper facility in this class. It provides only wooden or padded seats for sitting. The floor of the train compartment is also occupied by people who sleep. It can get overcrowded and is not ideal for long distance travel.

Apart from the above classes there are some reserved and special types of accommodation such as:

Ladies Compartment – Few berths or seats in sleeper or second class or one exclusive compartment in the lowest class of accommodation is reserved for ladies in trains. Male passengers are not permitted here. However, boys below 12 years of age can travel along with female friends or relatives.

Compartments for Disability- In non-suburban trains two sleeper class berths are earmarked for handicapped people. There is also a separate accommodation available for handicapped people on sub-urban trains.

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