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Doodle Devil Combinations List

By dexterhan : A how to tutorial about All Doodle Devil Combinations, Doodle Devil Walkthrough, Doodle Devil Combinations List, Gaming with step by step guide from dexterhan.

Doodle Devil are identical to Doodle God, so if you know how to play the original, you've got a good start for this game. Simply tap one of the element groups to open it up, then tap a second group to open those elements on the facing side of the screen. Here are All Doodle Devil Combinations .

Doodle Devil Combinations: Nature
Air = Starting element
Ash = Fire + House
Earth = Starting element
Energy = Air + Fire
Fire = Starting element
Lava = Earth + Fire
Metal = Stone + Fire
Steam = Water + Fire
Stone = Water + Lava
Water = Starting element

Doodle Devil Combinations: Animals

Doodle Devil Combinations: Evil

Doodle Devil Combinations: Good

Doodle Devil Combinations: Technology

CompleteDoodle Devil Combinations List part 2 is introduced in Page 2....


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