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DotA Hero Names List II: Historical Origin of Dota Hero Names

By Ella : A how to tutorial about dota hero names list, dota hero name origin, playing dota guide, Gaming with step by step guide from Ella.

Do you want to know more about the historical origin of hero names in Dota which is one of most popular game all over the world currently? Here are the some of DotA hero name lists and hero name origin.

Dota hero name origin: 11 Squee and Spleen the Goblin Techies

A goblin is an evil or merely mischievous creature of folklore, often described as a grotesquely disfigured or gnome-like phantom. They are described as wiser than humans. Goblins are often associated with fire and use pranks when they hide small objects (MINES :D). I was told that Squee and Spleen were names from the Magic Cards.

Dota hero name origin: 12 Rhasta the Shadow Shaman

Shamanism refers to a range of traditional beliefs and practices similar to Animism that claim the ability to diagnose and cure human suffering and, in some societies, the ability to cause suffering.

Dota hero name origin: 13 Bradwarden the Centaur Warchief

In Greek mythology, the centaurs are a race of creatures composed of part human and part horse. They are know for their great strenght they gain from the horse. Bradwarden is a centaur from D.A. Salvatore's book "The Demon Spirit". (thx to Grujah)

Dota hero name origin: 14 Leshrac the Malicious, Tormented Soul
DotA Hero Names List I

Leshrac is a character from the Magic Cards. "Walker of Night". A planeswalker, mage/demonlord of the Ice Age. Malicious is a term for the intent to harm others.

Dota hero name origin: 15 Banehallow the Lycanthrope

In folklore, lycanthropy is the ability or power of a human being to undergo transformation into a wolf, also know as a werewolf. The term was first seen in greek mythology where Lycaon, a king of Arcadia who was turned into a ravenous wolf in retribution for attempting to serve human flesh (his own son) to visiting Zeus in an attempt to disprove the god's divinity.

Dota hero name origin: 16 Medusa the Gorgon

Medusa has her origins in greek mythology, were she is a fearsome creature, and it is said that all who looked her into the eyes would turn into stone. She was beheaded in her sleep by the hero Perseus.

Dota hero name origin: 17 Lucifer the Doom Bringer

In modern and late Medieval Christian thought, Lucifer is usually a fallen angel commonly associated with Satan, the embodiment of evil and enemy of God. Lucifer is a Latin word meaning "light-bearer"

Dota hero name origin: 18 Akasha the Queen of Pain

in acient mythology Akasha is the first ever to become a vampire. King Enkil and Queen Akasha of Kemet (now Egypt) circa 4000 BCE, they became the first vampires when an evil spirit named Amel was able to enter the body of Akasha through a wound and fuse with her flesh. Akasha then turned Enkil into a vampire by drawing out nearly all of his blood and then allowing him to drink nearly all of hers. Also known from the book/movie "Queen of the damned".

Dota hero name origin: 19 Leviathan the Tidehunter

Leviathan was a Biblical sea monster referred to in the Old Testament. Leviathan is often considered to be a demon or natural monster associated with Satan or the Devil. Kraken (in kraken shell) is a giant squid in nordic mythology with mile long tentacles that pulls ships to the bottom of the ocean. (thx to Trixbeat)

Dota hero name origin: 20 Atropos the Bane Elemental

In Greek mythology, Atropos was the third of the Moerae. She was the oldest of the Three Fates, and was known as the "inflexible" or "inevitable." It was Atropos who chose the mechanism of death and ended the life of each mortal by cutting their thread with her "abhorred shears".

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