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Embroidered Logo Size & Placement on Dress Shirts and Polos

By Michael K. J. : A how to tutorial about embroidered logo shirts, corporate apparel, Shopping with step by step guide from Michael K. J..

Nowadays, embroidered logo shirts have became the most popular solution for companies who want to promote their businesses with the least of costs and the best of results.

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Unlike monograms, which have similar shapes, embroidered company logos on dress shirts and polo shirts come in all different shapes and sizes. They may be tall and thin, short and wide or anything in between. And these embroidered shirts are not one size fits all. Custom-made for employees of various shapes, these shirts always come in sizes ranging from extra small to adult 8XL.

All of the above require human intuition to decide what looks right and what doesn't, rather than relying on a chart. At Buy Corporate Apparel, our embroidery team will provide you with expert advice on the color, size and placement of embroidered logos. Here are some rules of logo sizing and placement on Embroidered Dress Shirts and Polos.

Standard Left-Chest Location
A typical left-chest logo should be placed about 6-8 inches down from the shoulder and 4 inches from the center of the shirt. We always put the embroidered logo vertically about midway down from where the sleeve is sewn into the body of the shirt and horizontally just to the right edge of the collar. As shirts change sizes, measured guides attempt to maintain this position. For instance, as a shirt gets larger, the neck opening gets larger, pushing the logo farther from the center. The opening for the sleeve also is larger, which pushes the logo farther down the shirt. With a polo shirt, the placket changes in length with the shirt size as well. In general, the bottom of the design should stay above the bottom of a three-button placket.

Pocket Shirt Placement
Pocket shirts are easier to deal with than other shirts. The pocket provides a fixed reference point for placement, rather than measuring down and over. The bottom of a design is usually positioned 1/2 inch to 1 inch above the pocket. This leaves enough space to prevent anything placed in the pocket from obstructing the view of the design. When embroidering logos on pocket shirts, always square the design to the pocket, even if the pocket is sewn on slightly crooked. Pocket shirts are one of the sources for guidelines used for sizing of left- and right-chest logos. The general guideline is that logos should be no more than 4 inches wide. This is because pockets are usually around 4 inches wide and logos shouldn't extend past the width of the pocket.

Have you ever wondered why the left side is the dominant placement for embroidery? It is quite simple really. It is all based on a handshake. You see, when you shake hands with someone, your right arm covers the right side of your chest as you reach across to shake the other person's hand. However, the left side is still fully visible, not to mention that the pocket on a shirt is usually on the left side. Now as to why the pocket is on the left, I can only surmise that it's easier for a right-handed person to pull something out of a pocket on the left side than on the right.
Of course, the left chest is not the only place to put a logo on a shirt. Many times, both sides of the chest will have embroidery, often a logo and the individual's name. Typically, the company logo goes on the left chest, and the name goes on the right.

On the Sleeve
One of the more popular placements today is on the sleeve of short-sleeve shirts. The logo is either the same size or slightly smaller as it would be if it were a left-chest design. The placement puts the bottom of the design about 1/2 inch above the cuff on the sleeve, centered with the shoulder seam. As far as which sleeve it goes on, that is really up to the customer. The reason this placement has become popular is that it gives embroiderers and their customers options. If the embroidered logo is too big to fit on the left chest, you can put part of it on the sleeve. If there is a charity event with a title sponsor, you can put the event logo on the left chest and the sponsor's logo on the sleeve.

Sleeve logo placement is particularly popular for embroidered shirts that are used as giveaways. The logic behind this trend is twofold. First, if you have a shirt with a logo on the left chest you may be likely to wear it except at certain places, whereas if it was on the less-conspicuous sleeve location, you may be more likely to wear it even on a Saturday evening. The other reason is that if the shirt is from a vendor, it can be given to dealers who can add their company's individual logos to the left chest. For example, say ABC Inc. wanted to give shirts to their dealers. The company might put its corporate logo on the sleeve. Then, an individual dealer like ABC-CD could have its logo embroidered on the left chest.


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