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Examples of Extrasensory Perception in animals

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Extrasensory perception, more commonly known as sixth sense, is the means of perceiving information and images from within your inner self without having any flow of information through the normal five senses or having any prior knowledge about the happenings. This sensory formation is sudden and immediate realization of things. An individual can perceive about past, future and present happenings without in anyways being related to it. Many feel that this unique sensory perception of the mind is restricted to humans as they are known to possess what is called the sixth sense or the power of intuition.

There is a school of thinkers who feel that animals can also display this phenomenon called extrasensory perception. When science has still not been successful in proving the existence of this concept in humans, animals possessing it, becomes a farfetched theory. This section solely tries to explain, with evident examples, about the power of sixth sense in certain animals.

Let us consider the domesticated horse for instance. Even some scientists favor the thought that these animals do possess what is called the sixth sense. Horses are known to have a very organized sensory system and for their high awareness quality. This awareness is related to the animal’s key ability to carry people to a safer place. Horses are known to locate their homes and come back even if they are stranded in a strange place that is miles apart. Similarly they can also sense an approaching storm or other disturbances caused by nature. They are also known to sense a vet’s visit well before he even reaches the hangar. All this makes one think if horses really are bestowed with extrasensory perception powers. There are many experiments that have been conducted to test this power in horses.

Dogs and cats are also believed to possess extrasensory perception powers especially when it comes to sensing the normal and abnormal behaviors of their masters or getting the hang of an oncoming seizure in their owners. This however is attributed to its animal nature as dogs are known to be the protector of their owners.
Yet another example is the strange behavior of animals prior to the occurrence of an earthquake. Many a time, this has led to saving hundreds of people by evacuating them from the scene of earthquake before it actually struck. This was the live example in china in 1975 when many were saved as animals could sense the quake long before it hit. This again led scientists to explore in to the theory of animals having extrasensory perception.

Animals like dogs are known to sense dangers looming before them and save their masters. Like horses dogs are also known to find their way back home even when they are miles away. The power of perception is known to be related to energy transfers and in today’s world people use these powers more so to provide holistic health solutions and are also referred to as energy healing techniques .

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