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Excuse Letters,Sample Excuse Letters,Excuse Letters Format

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Employees of the companies may need to provide an excuse letter when they miss a day of work or stay absent for some other reason. You may need to request a leave for absence in writing. The excuse letters can help you to accomplish this purpose.
It is important for you to write a good excuse letter requesting a leave for absence due to some reason. There are many sample excuse letters format which can be edited and used to fit your personal circumstances.
The excuse letter is the explanation or justification provided for being absent. It is the formal statement of absence from the person stating the time and reason for absence. For writing an excuse letter, you should have the knowledge of letter writing. In some situations, the excuse letter can be written on behalf of some other person. For example, if the child remains absent from school for some reason, his/her parent is expected to write a letter for him/her.
Excuse Letters Format:
• Write the date of the note at the top of the letter.
• Address the letters to the recipients by writing the “To: Mr/Ms” followed by the name of the recipient.
• Also state who is writing the excuse letter. Provide your name if you are writing the letter for your self. If the student is below 18 years, it can be written by parents or guardians.
• Write the reason for writing the excuse letter. Provide the name of the student and date of absence in the letter.
• Write the body of the excuse letter stating the reason for your absence. If you were absent due to ill-health, you can enclose the medical certificate along with the letter. Keep it simple and readable.
Excuse Letter Tips:
• It is important for you to follow the letter writing tips for writing a good excuse letter.
• Keep the body of the letter short and provide the clear reason for your absence.
• The language used in the letter should be polite. Keep in mind that you are writing a request letter. Make use of the request words like “Please, pardon, sorry, etc.”
• Write a meaningful message body describing the exact reason for your absence.
• Provide the solid evidences to corroborate the justification by attaching the documents as proof to the reasons mentioned in the letter.
It is always better to keep the excuse letter short and simple. You can take reference from the sample excuse letters for writing an effective apology letter.

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