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Fable 3 Marriage Guide: How to Get Married in Fable 3

By ruby : A how to tutorial about fable 3 marriage guide, get married in fable 3, change wife clothing in fable 3, Gaming with step by step guide from ruby.

Many guys want to know how to get married in Fable 3. And many guys want to get married with Elise. Here is a full Fable 3 marriage guide that can help you to get married in Fable 3.

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●Tip 1 - Get Married in Fable 3

How to find Elisa and get married with her?
1. You had to get to her 3 days after the kidnapped quest or else she leaves
2. Check the tavern or bar, whatever you want to call it, in Bowerstone Industrial. Chances are she will probrably be there.
3. You can marry them if u didn't sacrifice him/her on the quest kidnapped must be done before king or queen but if u sacrificed them then ull get a girl or guy npc

●Tip 2 - Get Married in Fable 3

You can find related information about marriage in Fable 3 in Fable 3 achievements:

Long Distance Relationship (10 points): Get married to another Xbox LIVE player. Henry VIII (10 points): As ruler of Albion, get married 6 times and kill 2 of your spouses.

●Tip 3 - Get Married in Fable 3

Is there anyone special people to marry in Fable 3?
1. I think u have to or u might have to rebluid the old quaters if u already became king cuz the place was destroyed.
2. The only one I know at the moment Is Elliot. You can do the quest In Bowerstone Industrial, Kidnapped. His Fiance asks you to go and get him back, the gang who kidnapped him want the ransom. You go to the Cesspools and rescue Elliot, you have a few options once you rescue him, you can either talk him Into getting married to you, just bring him back, or tell him off.

●Tip 4 - Get Married in Fable 3

Well it was revealed, that when you are on co-op mode (partnering with another person) you can be married and you will achieve a lot of benefits like sharing gold earnings, money, gifts, etc. But aside from that, the experience of marrying someone in a game is very thrilling for some players because it puts you on the medieval game itself.

●Tip 5 - Get Married in Fable 3

Take note, marrying someone in Fable 3 is not an easy task, you need to plan it with your spouse on where to begin the ceremony, getting a house and even the honeymoon itself is included! Until you get your first baby.

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