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Fable 3 Quests Guide: How to Access Fable 3 Quests

By ruby : A how to tutorial about fable 3 quests guide, fable 3 swords guide, fable 3 unique weapons guide, Gaming with step by step guide from ruby.

Quests are important part ing Fable 3. The article will show you Fable 3 quests guide. You can see Fable 3 quests list and know how to access Fable 3 quests. It can help you to play Fable 3 better.

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●Fable 3 Quests List - Fable 3 Quests Guide

* A Day at the (Chicken) Races
* An Ancient Key
* An Evil Presence
* Chicken Chaser
* Life In The Castle
* Mercenary Customs
* Bored to Death
* Gnomes are Evil
* Gnomes are Great
* Special Delivery
* The Game
* The Hollow Legion
* Leaving The Castle

●Fable 3 Quests Problems and Answers - Fable 3 Quests Guide

Here will show you some common Fable 3 quests problems and answers. I think they are useful for you to know more about Fable 3 quests.

Problem 1: How to switch active quests in Fable 3?

Answer: Not sure where you see the gems but the quests it took me a little while to find as well and when I did I felt a little dumb. When you go to the map hit y and it lists your quests and from there you can select your quests.

Problem 2: Where is my Fable 3 quest log?

i have no option to push "Y" to pull up my quest log in fable 3 when i open the map/or at any time. I only know there is this option because the book has labled it and you can also see the "open questlog" option in many videos for the game... Is this happening to anyone else? or is it really possible that i got a copy of fable 3 that has a tiny glitch in its data?

Answer: You have to do some of the main missions in order to get that option to show up. Just continue playing the game for a bit more and it should show up. I got it sometime before I was leaving Brightwall to head to Bowerstone, but I can't remember exactly when.

Some guy think side quests is disapearing.

I recently painfully found out that some important side quests are no longer available after doing certian man quest quests. Which first off is contrary to most rpgs of a similar nature; i thought doing the main quest was supposed to add side quests not limit them.

But, what my real question is, is are there anyother such side quests that will be unable to be compled after doing certain mani quest quests? (excluding the last main quest as i already know that your decision there will alter what side quests you can do)

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