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Facebook loading problems and how to solve them

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The most common problem with facebook I have heard is that facebook is loading slow . This article may possibly solve this problem . If facebook loads slow on your PC then probably it is not the problem with facebook itself rather the problem might be something else . Some of these problems will be discussed below .

Problem with browser:
Most commonly when the facebook loads slow then the problem is most commonly with the web browser . Possibly your browser is outdated, or your browser have some scripts or addons which are interfering with the normal working of the browser . Sometimes some files of your browser gets corrupt because of some malwares or adwares, this also leads to slow working of your browser.

I f the problem is with your browser then most commonly the problem can be solved by uninstalling your web browser and then reinstalling it. This almost every time solves the problem of slow loading of facebook. I f you do not want to uninstall your browser then clean cookies and uninstall apps , if any , installed on your browser . This will almost certainly solve the problem and you may possibly notice an increased speed.

Slow network connection:
Sometimes the problem is not with your web browser but rather it is with your network connection. On a slow connection you may be unable to access facebookunable to access facebook . This problem can be solved by converting into a high speed network connection. Sometimes the network connection becomes slow if your computer have lots of viruses or you have any parallel download running. In the former case , clean up your computer with antivirus softwares ( but beware some of these antivirus softwares actually slows down your computer a lot and this will cause a slow internet speed also ).

Slow processing of CPU:
I f the speed of your PC is very slow then you may find difficulty in loading pages on your browser. The most obvious solution to the problem will be to change your PC. Sometimes the anti-virus software you are using interferes with the normal working of the browser, like some of these softwares with browser protection actually scans every link you enter on your browser this in turn may spoil your browsing experience. If this is the case with your antivirus then it would be better to turn off the web protection, of-course by doing this you may be compromising with the safety of your computer but the changes will surely reflect in your net surfing experience.

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