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Fallout 3 Glitches Guide: How to Fix Glitches in Fallout 3

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Fallout 3 is a very popular game which was released. Many players of Fallout 3 suffered some glitches, such as game save glitch, graphics Glitch, pitt roof glitch and so on. How to fix these glitches in Fallout 3? The following will give you some guides to fix these glitches in Fallout 3.

(1) Game Save Glitch

Game will auto save in the last room and lock you in. Therefore, there is no way to exit and go to the outside.
To fix this glitch - Keep multiple saves. Do not rely on the auto save. After every major event, stop and save manually.

(2) Graphics Glitches

When you suffered this glitch, screen will go black when in a certain area or massive frame rate drops at random areas.
These graphics glitches seems like it may be a problem with the windows sidebar. I turned it off and it seemed to stop the graphical glitch. Just right click on the sidebar icon in the task bar and click exit. This is a bit annoying if you actually use the sidebar, but at least you can fix this problem until maybe some sort of patch fixes it.
If you want to start it back up just hit the windows key on your keyboard, type "sidebar", and hit enter.

(3) Megaton Glitches

If you suffered these megaton glitches, NPCs will randomly die in the city, supposedly from falling off the paths. I advice you to get all the 4 mods and use the Alienship as your main home :) its cooler

(4) Sound Glitches

When you suffered this sound glitch, dialogue will play, but there will be no sound. To fix it, in your my documents/my games/fallout3/FALLOUT.ini file there is a line that says bUseThreadedAI=0 (ctrl f and type usethread should take you right to it)
You want to change that to bUseThreadedAI=1 and in an empty line below it (which you can make by hitting enter) you want to add iNumHWThreads=2 and that’s supposed to limit the game to 2 cores of your processor. Or downloaded the media package for windows 7 from Microsoft to install

(5) Pitt Roof Glitch

If you suffered this Pitt Roof glitch, you may be told to save and restart, did not work. I was told to delete and redownload the content, did not work.
To fix it, what you did to get around it was save right before stepping onto the roof, turn off my 360, start it back up, boot up Fallout 3 again and continue from that last save and, as if by magic, the roof was solid again. No need to do all that deleting and resetting.

To fix these glitches in Fallout 3, you can also questions to the official website to find a solution.

These glitches in Fallout 3 are only a part. And these glitches may be you have suffered, and I hope this guide about fix glitches can help you fix the glitch in Fallout 3. If you have other glitches guides, you can bring them out and share with players that play the game of Fallout 3.

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