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Fastest Ways to Rank Up in Halo Reach

By livia : A how to tutorial about ranking up halo reach, halo reach rank up, halo rank up ways, Gaming with step by step guide from livia.

Halo Reach is my favorite game so far. I have some useful experience on how to rank up in Halo Reach. Are you still wondering what the fastest way is to Rank Up to that next level?

Rank up fast in Halo Reach: Way 1

If it seems like you are forever trying to reach that next rank you must not be doing the right game types for this to happen. I have found that the fastest way to Rank up is by completing the Daily and Weekly Challenges (especially the Weekly) and it will be a good idea to choose you’re Matchmaking game type as Invasion because it will help you get to the next Rank quite fast. Using good skills and not running in all guns blazing like The Guru does will also get you’re Rank up fast, especially if you win the game.

Rank up fast in Halo Reach: Way 2

Completing the daily challenges and commendations is the best way to get extra credits. I have heard some people say Score Attack is a good one to do if you can get the grunt firefight game type on corvette. Otherwise as far as I know there isn't a sure way to get a lot of credits. Some Invasion games I only get 500 cR others I get over 1,000. The same is true for multi-team, team slayer and so on.

I think looking at a list of all the ranks might also be helpful so I included it in the source.

Rank up fast in Halo Reach: Way 3

First get to know the commendations for Halo: Reach. They will easily be the best form of experience or Cr that you will get. Write them down or print them out if you find a website that shows the full list. Play campaign on normal difficulty and try to get as many of the commendations done there. Try not to die because that will also help increase your Cr. As far as firefight goes just play gruntpocalypse in score attack as previous members have suggested, but continue to focus on completing the commendations because that is what gets you above 2000 or even 3000 Cr per game.

The levels for each commendation and the amount of Cr rewarded for achieving them can be found here:

useful tips on ranking up in Halo Reach

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