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Fear 3 Interval 5 Walkthrough

By Mraz : A how to tutorial about Fear 3 Interval 5 Walkthrough, Complete Fear 3 Interval 5, Fear 3 Save Game File Location, Gaming with step by step guide from Mraz.

There are some hard missions in Fear 3, such as Interval 5 and Interval 7. Do you know how to complete Interval 5 in F.3.A.R? Have you got all Dolls in this mission? Here is Interval 5 walkthrough from Fear 3 cheats which shows useful tips to help you complete F.3.A.R Interval 5.

Fear 3 Interval 5 Walkthrough

You can try following to finish this Interval and unlock Alma Doll.
Tip1: Find a Doll at the start
Go down the road to the left and you will enter a building with an open door.
Open this door and down the hall
Unlock a locked door and go to the right
Shoot the lock and then go backed to the door
Tip2: You need to kill the enemies who has guns in this area and wait for the gate to open.
Tip3: You will come to a part where you have to climb two ladders to the top of a building.
Tip4: You will access a control panel but the gate won’t open and you have to defend for a while until it does.
Tip5: You will be facing the HARBOR MARKET which reads "HARBOR ARKET".

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