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Feedbacks about Titleist Vokey Tour Chrome Wedge

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Whether a club is good or bad, lucky or rueful to have is up to the golfers who had bought and used it for a long time. Now, I want to share with you some useful feedbacks of Titleist Vokey Tour Chrome Wedge, and these feedbacks all come from different people and different country.

Got this one used for a good price. Took it to the simulator and it was 130 yards every time. Money. Went to the range later that night and I was spinning range balls to an artificial turf green and the stopped, with a used wedge that had used grooves. The green was about 100 yards away. I can shorten the distance if I want. This is a money club.
Have just bought the club on discount-golf-gifts.This is one great looking club and plays like it looks,the 4 deg bounce means it can be used on any tight lies or sit up and beg lies, any variety of shot can be played just leave it to your imagination and the club will do the rest. I would not use the club from the bunker because I would hate to mar the superb finish on the sole of the club, my normal sand wedge is used for that shot. this club is used around the greens and gives a brilliant feel to the shot ,so I would use it in conjunction with my other wedges it gives great spin to the ball and I play mostly on links courses in Scotland. The Vokey means you can attack the pin it never lets you down. A 5 star club
——John Rogers
One of the best parts of my game is wedge play. I've recently been giving the 200 series wedges a tryout. I've been playing Mizzy MP series wedges for a couple years. I switched to 200 Vokey's because:
-they have a higher ball flight on full shots
-they generate the same amount of spin (as MP's)
-they have a very good sole design for a moderate plane
-they are more forgiving outside of the sweet spot than MP's
I don't like them because:
-they don't feel as good as MP series
-they tend to have more bounce and less camber
I always buy my wedges used so groove life is very important. I find that the groove life in Vokey's is the same as groove life in MP series wedges. Cleveland 588's have better groove life but they also come with really poor feel and a digging sole design.
Overall, the Vokey's are good if you want to bring your full shot ball flight up, are comfortable with the amount of spin you can generate, and you desire a sole design that helps on less than crisp contact
pure cheese, that's what these wedges are all about.awhsume feel, well balanced,just the most confident wedge you could every own.they can spin a snowball !!!
From these comments, are you still hesitant to have Titleist Vokey Tour Chrome Wedge?It is really worth buying. You can get it at Wholesale Golf Equipment with the most reasonable price.

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