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FIFA 11: How to Setup Keyboard Controls for PC

By snow86 : A how to tutorial about setting up FIFA 11 pc keyboard controls, FIFA 11 pc keyboard controls guide, FIFA 11 pc ceyboard controls walkthrough, Gaming with step by step guide from snow86.

FIFA 11 has been released. You can simply play it on the PC, Xbox 360 or PS3. FIFA 11 gives better control over of the game play and allows the player to customize things as he/she wanted. Playing FIFA 11, and having tough time with new keyboard controls? Don't worry! Here will give you some guides to setup keyboard controls for PC in FIFA 11.

Step - 1: Go to 'FIFA 11/Game/fifasetup/fifaconfig.exe' and click on Game Settings.
Step - 2: There click on in-Game Keyboard tab.

Now, which button to assign for what? First you will need to know which button corresponds to what. For that see the controller help below. The following is the screenshot about Keyboard Controls for PC in FIFA 11.

A - Lob, Cross, Sliding tackle

S - Pass. Standing Tackle

D - Shot

W - Switch player, Trigger Run

E - Sprint

X - Throe ball

C - Stop the ball, Pace control

You can set up keyboard controls for PC that you want through this guide. And I hope this guide can help you setting up Keyboard Controls for PC.

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