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Final Fantasy 13 Best Weapons for Each Character

By benson : A how to tutorial about final fantasy 13 weapons, final fantasy 13 characters, final fantasy 14 weapons, Gaming with step by step guide from benson.

Many final fantasy 13 game players do not know what weapons to use/upgrade. Waste materials upgrading a Weapon that may be replaced, then you need the materials you wasted for something new. You have to be careful for what kind of weapons you are using when playing final fantasy 13. Then I will say something about final fantasy 13 best weapons for each character.

Light: Axis Blade is very good up to tier 2. It synthesizes with Sprint Shoes and you can use the other 2 slots for the lucky break ability.

Her best weapon eventually is Lionheart though. But you get it in ch 12. Ironically Light isn't really a damage dealer but more of a utility breaker/gauge booster.

Snow: Starting weapon. I don't like the one that lowers his HP. Power Circle is also very good.

Fang: Nimrod Pierce is best. It synths with one other acc for lucky break. Another good weapon is Pandora Spear. I think Dragoon Lance is overrated (I got it super late). Note you can upgrade any of these weapons with Fang b/c you're going to have to break one later for 3 traps anyways. So go wild. Upgrade hers first imo.

Van: Belladonna is really the only choice here. It's the best by far but I might consider Healer Staff.

Hope: Hawkeye is very good. You can upgrade it early.

Sazh: Sazh has the best weapons out of any class. Look at their effects and see which ones are best (there's too many to pick one concretely). He has one that extends stagger and another one that gives insane 1k/1k stat boosts.

I would really recommend boosting Acc early instead of leveling weapons until you get to form the full 6 figure party. I regret upgrading Hawkeye/Donna earlier. I should have been boosting Acc's instead.

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