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First Android 2.2 Tablet Review - Sumsung Galaxy Tab

By ruby : A how to tutorial about android 2.2 tablet, android 3.0, apple ipad, Product Reviews with step by step guide from ruby.

Wow, at IFA show in Germany, Samsung released its first Tablet PC --- Galaxy Tab (P1000). It became the first brand who enters the Tablet PC market after Apple among the top five handset vendors. And it is the first 7 inch Android 2.2 tablets!

▲Galaxy Tab(P1000)

Although it not as iPad stars as brilliant, but it is published with Apple's success in the operation in Tablet PC market and the long-term accumulation of Samsung in mobile phones field, Galaxy Tab has been concerned by a lot of users in the previous. Then how it can attract eyeballs and what characteristics it has? Let me show you one by one.

▲Galaxy Tab(P1000)

First Android 2.2 Tablet 1 - Screen Size :
7 inch WSVGA 1024 x 600 pixels resolution TFT-LCD LCD, but not OLED screen of rumors before. Size is much smaller than iPad (9.7 inch), but greatly enhanced portability.

First Android 2.2 Tablet 2 - Camera Configuration :
It has Pre-1.3 million-pixel video call camera and the main post 3 million pixel camera. It also comes with LED flash, autofocus. It makes up for the shortcomings of the iPad.

First Android 2.2 Tablet 3 - Data Communication / Call :
3G network support, WiFi, it also supports the Bluetooth 3.0 transmission. The most important thing is sure you can make call with Galaxy Tab.

First Android 2.2 Tablet 4 - Operating System :
Android 2.2 platform, Samsung is the first brand using the system in handset vendors. Although there are suspected of copying Apple, but we have to admit that the sensitive and agile to the market of Koreans.

First Android 2.2 Tablet 5 - Core Hardware :
Cortex-A8 1GHz processor, PowerVR SGX540 graphics chips

First Android 2.2 Tablet 6 - Storage :
512MB RAM, two versions: 16GB and 32GB. And IT supports a maximum 32GB of microSDHC memory card expansion

First Android 2.2 Tablet 7 - Multimedia :
It supports Full HD resolution video playback. And with HDMI cable it allows high-definition video output.

First Android 2.2 Tablet 8 - Battery life :
Standard 4000mAh Lithium battery, up to 7 hours continuous video playback.

First Android 2.2 Tablet 9 - Availability :
In mid-September it will be sold in Italy first, then in the United States, Asia and other places.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy S which we are familiar with the Samsung i9000. It is the first mobile phone of Galaxy series. with the powerful configure , it has become a Android high-end star product; The Galaxy Tab is the first tablet of Galaxy Series. It is out of the same gate with i9000, So the designs have many things in common. Let us appreciate the Samsung i9000 and Galaxy Tab.

▲Sumsung Galaxy Tab

▲Apple iPad, Sumsung Galaxy Tab, Sumsung i9000, Sumsung S8500

▲ Sumsung i9000, Sumsung Galaxy Tab, Apple iPad

▲ Official Photo

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