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Fix corrupted video files

By sophi : A how to tutorial about Fix corrupted video files, Corrupted video files fix software, Fix corrupted video files software, Technology with step by step guide from sophi.

Is there any way to fix corrupted video files? When downloading video from Internet, when adding video to players,when transferring video to portable media, video files may becorrupted. How to fix this corrupted video files? It is a really hard job. You need the help of professional Digital Media Recovery software .I share Disk Doctors Digital Media Recovery with you. With it, you areable to recover corrupt, deleted, formatted video files including MP4,MOV, AVI, MPG with easy steps. Meanwhile, it is compatible with anydevices that can be attached to computers. Besides, Disk Doctor's Digital Media Recovery, good fix corrupted video files software also can: Retrieve video files from all portable player, HDD, USB & Zip disk. Get back MP3, WAV, MIDI, MP4 music files easily. Recover photo files, for example JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, CR2, ORF, etc. Preview files for deciding whether to recover. Restore data to any (local or network) drive accessible by computer. Note: Never install this Disk Doctor's Digital Media Recovery software on thedrive from you will recover data, also never save any data on the samedrive that from you are recovering data. Install this fix corrupted video files software to any anotherpartition or computer, then attach the drive you want to recover as aslave to this machine. How to fix corrupted video files Disk Doctor's Digital Media Recovery is able to recover video, forexample MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG from iPhone, iPod, HDD, USB, or any otherdevices. Download it for free , no spyware, no adware. Download Disk Doctor's Digital Media Recovery and install it. Run this corrupted video files fixing software. Double click on the desktop or Programs list in Start menu to run this fix corrupted video files software .Connect you drive to your computer, select it. If you don't find it,you can click Refresh Drives or Open scan info, click Next. google_protectAndRun("ads_core.google_render_ad", google_handleError, google_render_ad); Select file types. This corrupted video files fixing software offers JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF, CRW, CR2, MP3, WAV, MIDI, MP4, AVI,MOV, MPG, etc. file types. Choose the file types and then click to go on. Select recovery files. The fix corrupted video files software scans the selected media and lists all the found files in a tree formatgrouped according to their file types. Double click on file to preview,and then choose the file that you want to recover. Save recovery files. ClickSave, the data will be saved in a new folder by name"DigitalMediaRecovery XXXX *" in the selected destination location. Youalso can choose Burn data to CD/DVD. Up to now, you have learned how to fix corrupted video files with Disk Doctor's Digital Media Recovery. But the download versiononly list the files that can be recovered. If you want to save thefiles, you must buy the full version.

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