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Football Manager 2011 Lower League Tactics

By sherry : A how to tutorial about Manage Lower League FM 2011, Lower League Tactics FM 2011, FM 2011 Lower League Management, Gaming with step by step guide from sherry.

Lower League Tactics in Football Manager 2011 can help you to win the game easily, I will give you some excellent Lower League Tactics in Football Manager 2011 , with these tactics, you can play easily in Football 2011.

Lower League Tactics 1
This is a good method to force opposition forwards to try and do something above their skill levels, while your defence stays compact and waits for the opposition to come at you. This is even more important since pace, heading and height will become a major factor in lower leagues. While technical abilities for both, defenders and forwards, may be low, many players will simply take advantage by using their physical strengths: pacy strikers may simply outrun your defenders, while strong strikers will try to use their aerial advantage for crucial flick-ons or goals.

Lower League Tactics 2
Especially if you only have part-timers: focus on the physical side. The difference between 8 tackling or 9 tackling on defenders is neither here nor there. With crap coaches on crap facilities with crap players, who cares? However, the difference between 10 strength and 12 strength, or the little extra burst of speed from 13 pace and 15 pace (which is attainable) can get you such a turn around in results

Lower League Tactics 3
Last but not least: try to use loan opportunities. When lacking both money and quality, this should be a way to go, especially if you are going to start a long-term career which will force your to bring in players for a higher level every few years. Make friends with managers of bigger clubs (Communication article) and try to get a big team as parent club.

Try to upgrade your staff. Even for a lower league team, you should be able to attract a decent fitness coach and physio. Most boards, though they tell you that you should only have one or two coaches, will probably let you go up to five or six providing you’re well enough below the wage budget. Similarly, most boards will let you have at least one more physio than they recommend (finances permitting, of course).

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