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Fundamentals of Near-Infrared Technology

By georgemelcher : A how to tutorial about NIR spectroscopy, nir spectrophotometer, nir spectrometer, Business with step by step guide from georgemelcher.

Radio signals are becoming more integrated in society today. From Wi-Fi for accessing the Internet to x-ray machines in clinics and in the airport, invisible rays, signals, and related technologies, radio signals has provided a better way to understand and access objects, substances, and other material. Today, the technology of NIR spectroscopy has been used in many fields of science and technology.

By popular definition, spectroscopy involves the study of the interaction between matter and radiated energy. Today infrared spectroscopy is used as a method of identifying substances depending on the absorption of infrared wavelength which they eventually transform to heat. Spectroscopy heavily invests in the use of machines called spectroscopes that apply infrared radiation to a substance or an object in order to inspect and further understand its internal composition. Today, infrared technology is used in many industries like forensic investigations, pharmaceutical research, and even chemical research.

NIR is a subset of infrared technology which is defined by a wavelength of 0.75-1.4 µm. this wavelength finds common use in night vision goggles as well as in fiber optic telecommunication because of its low attenuation loss, or signal to noise ratio. There is another sub-classification of infrared technology like short-wavelength infrared, long wavelength infrared, and far infrared.

Application of NIR spectroscopy is through the use of an NIR spectrometer. This device is used to measure light over specific portions of objects. They are used to investigate at the molecular level, used in the study of pharmaceutical pills as it is being digested inside the body of a person; and for deep data gathering in forensic investigations.

The technology of spectroscopy can be used in scrutinizing elements like nitrogen, compounds like starch, or very intricate characteristics of substances like animal fiber. These are all contained inside substances and materials which can only be viewed with the right technical equipment. NIR spectroscopy is a real help in investigating microscopic elements that cannot be seen by the human eye.

Advances in technology have spawned more and more innovated procedures for the benefit of man. Today, infrared technology is widely used in shops, in electronic devices, safety of banks and other establishments, studying the composition of elements and substances, as well as for the military and related industries. Advances in science have used infrared further by using it in investigations and research. NIR spectrophotometer and spectrometer are now available in the market for purchase.

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